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Train with zinc - reviews dermatologists of the lotion

Pimples and blackheads are delivered to people of all ages a lot of problems, causing painful feelings, spoil the appearance, obrazujas on exposed skin. To combat this unpleasant disease there is an effective remedy for acne – lotion and ointment Train that has many positive reviews.

The main component included in the composition against acne is tretinoin. Today this substance is the main therapeutic agent, which is used for the effective treatment of acne in Europe and the United States. Tretinoin is actively involved in cell metabolism, speeding up metabolism, and therefore acts as the main component in the elimination of acne on the skin.

Also Train includes zinc, which helps rapid healing of wounds on the skin, tighten to break the pimples and draws out harmful substances from the body. This item is part of the drug helps to speed up the healing process of the skin and eliminates the resulting from acne scarring. Additionally, the zinc removes from the body harmful substances.

The medicine is available in form of ointment and lotion, the latter view is particularly popular among buyers. This effective drug for acne zinc not sold in conventional pharmacy. It can be bought only in the online store. When you purchase the drug should pay attention to on the certificate to prevent forgery of purchased products, as well as reviews of customers who have purchased this product from this seller.

The beneficial properties of the drug

It is used to treat inflammation of the skin, eliminates stains after the defeat of the skin by acne and is also used for getting rid of wrinkles. Thus, this drug is a great way to refresh the skin acquiring a healthy and well-tended appearance. The action of the drug consists in the narrowing of the pores and reducing the activity of sebaceous glands. The Horny layer of skin flakes off and stops the possibility of blockage of the pores of the face and other problem areas. The structure of the skin is aligned and transformed. During therapy acne closed open quickly and painlessly heal without scarring or other marks on the skin.

Useful substances contained in the lotion, such as vitamin a and zinc, nourishes the skin with essential vital elements. Penetrate inside the deeper layers of the skin, the active components affect the sebaceous glands, providing a therapeutic effect and eliminates Shine on the skin.

Drug zinc for acne reduces the measure of fat that allows you to quickly cure acne and post-acne. Due to the fact that the tool stops inflammation, pimples on the skin dry up in the firstday use of lotion and two days later, the skin becomes clean and smooth. Drug acne not only eliminates the old inflammation and subcutaneous tissue, but also prevents the emergence of a new rash.

As promised, the therapeutic drug is able to substitute a course of laser treatment. Also, the manufacturer guarantees 100% efficiency, and security tools for getting rid of pimples when you use just one bottle Trichina.

Use lotion to treat the skin

Despite the fact that the therapeutic agent can be used alone without doctor's prescription, use caution when applying lotion to the skin. So as not to burn the skin, you need to apply the lotion in dosed quantities to certain areas of the skin.

To use the tool for getting rid of acne it is necessary according to the instructions attached to the drug at night:

  • The first thing you need to prepare the skin of the face. The skin is gently washed with a special cleanser or tar soap to get rid of external contamination on the surface of the face. After washing you must wait 20-30 minutes or dry the face with a Hairdryer.
  • To take advantage of the therapeutic agent, must be carefully dip it in the lotion with a cotton swab or cosmetic cotton pad. The drug is used sparingly and in metered quantities.
  • Wet a cotton pad wiped off with a dot, and all the problem areas and places where inflammation on the skin – face, neck, back, chest and so on.
  • After applying the tool, no rinsing required, it is necessary to wait the complete drying of the lotion on the skin.

Before you begin to use treatment continuously, you should once test your skin on the absence of allergic reactions to lotion and other contraindications for health. If after a week no signs of allergies will not be detected, it is believed that the drug came up and they can start using steadily. During the test period, you can use other cosmetic products for the care of the skin of the face, can be used On the third day of applying the lotion from the acne on the face may be a reaction of redness, or peeling of the skin, which should not disturb. Such skin condition caused by the fact that the process of regeneration of skin cells, which is natural and does not require outside interference. It is recommended to stop using the lotion for treatment of acne as long as the old skin flakes off, then you can continue to use the drug.

To the skin not much has dried up, you can purchase at the pharmacy, Agent used the drug twice a day for weeks or until drydisappear. To the doctor should I contact if redness is a manifestation of any pathology.

It is best to apply lotion during the weekend so that the skin to the working week time to recover and make a neat appearance. Parallel to use any additional funds for cleaning and treatment of the face should not be, because the drug is completely affects the problematic areas of the skin, reducing the neglected acne or pimples. Or to cleanse the skin and rinse with cosmetics is only a mild lotion or a light moisturizer.

The first two weeks Tretin lotion should be applied once a week, once the skin gets used, the frequency of use of the drug can be gradually increased. With enhanced peeling procedure can treat areas of skin 3-5 times a day, but not more than once during the week. During this period, the skin are preferably cleaned with moisturizing wipes that a person be clean and tidy. The standard scheme of treatment is once or twice a day throughout the course of treatment. The duration of treatment is recommended for up to three months, despite the fact that a positive result from the treatment will be noticeable after a month of use lotion. The bottle contains enough product for use for three months of treatment.

Contraindications to the use of lotion Tretin

Despite the high effectiveness of this treatment medication for acne, like other similar tools, has its contraindications and limitations of use. Before you start using lotion to get rid of rashes or blackheads on the face should consult a doctor and find out if this tool is and whether there are any restrictions for health reasons. This will avoid possible complications.

Lotion Tretin cannot be used in the following cases:

  • In pregnancy and during lactation;
  • In disorders of liver function and kidney;
  • In acute forms of eczema or psoriasis;
  • When lesions of the skin and formation of small wounds on the skin.

You also need to exercise extra caution when using the drug. During treatment you can not sunbathe for a long time to be in the sun and avoid direct sunlight. During the application Tricine not recommended to use the additional therapeutic agent against inflammation of the skin, as they may cause irritation.

A remedy should be applied only to certain areas where there is inflammation. Lotion can not be applied to the skin in the eye area, as there is very delicate and sensitive skin. Also Train is not applied to the area of the nasal wings, where the skin haswide pores. If you apply a remedy for dark-skinned or tanned person, it may be pigmentation of the skin, that will look unattractive.

If at the initial stage of using lotion is a common skin condition worsens slightly, the formation of new pimples or acne, it is advisable to continue treatment according to instructions, observing the changes. The drug is in any case can not be used if the patient has a personal intolerance to the components of the lotion or medicines.

Feedback after use of the drug

Drug for treatment of pimples and acne are popular not only in Russia but also abroad. In European countries this tool has long been one of the best options for the treatment of inflammation on the skin. Over the years, users liked this lotion, evidenced by numerous testimonials from those who use it for a long time.

In General, the drug does not cause complaints from patients that he was treating acne on the face and other parts of the body. Almost all reviews are positive feedback, users noted the high effectiveness of the lotion Train and relative safety when used.

Therapeutic agent copes with the problem of back acne, neck, chest for a short time. Also, the reviews reported a positive effect in the treatment after deep acne dry wounds on the skin are tightened almost immediately, leaving aesthetically ugly marks from a skin disease. If you use other medical means of Avon is usually a long time remain on the skin, causing great discomfort, we have to think how to remove red spots after acne.

Your positive feedback users tend to leave already after one month use of the drug, when there is already a clear trend to recovery and restore the skin. Train often gets rid of acne forever, which is marked by many patients.

Here are the basic indicators of efficiency of tools based on the feedback of patients:

  • The complexion becomes healthy and smooth, with the result that there is no need to use any makeup to even out skin tone.
  • Pores with regular use funds narrowed significantly.
  • The concentration of black dots on the skin of the face decreased significantly in the first month of applying the lotion.
  • Skin became clean and neat appearance.
  • The scars running deep and old acne disappeared.
  • The skin gradually cleared of traces in the form of spots or skin rashes.
  • On the face ceased to appear white or yellow eels.
  • The new pimples that appear during treatment, disappear after atwo days after using a healing lotion, without leaving any traces.
  • After regular use Tricine skin was matte and ceased to Shine.

Meanwhile, what would be an effective drug in the treatment of skin rash was not lotion Tretin, it is important to take a comprehensive approach to the treatment of the disease, to get rid of it forever without consequences. In addition to treatment medications, it is necessary to observe good personal hygiene, follow a diet that excludes the ingestion of harmful and fatty foods. It is also not recommended too often to use decorative cosmetics. Only at observance of these simple rules treatment to be effective, quick and the patient is sure to leave positive feedback about using lotion Train.