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How to distinguish a mole from a wart: photo

No wonder moles belong to the category of distinctive features of the exterior. A missing person is much easier to find by the birthmark or black mole on visible parts of the body. But any mole, in essence, is a tumour, benign or malignant, a skin cell, which has accumulated pigment, darkened by ultraviolet light. The mole may have a bright, Nude, pink, red, brownish and black color.

A completely different approach is required to pink and red nevi. These vascular birthmarks are formed not by melanin but through small blood vessels. This is what leads to the fact that the color scheme ranges from light pink to dark red shades.

Not all moles are dangerous and not each of them is malignant. In order to personally verify this, you should contact the oncologist or the gynecologist, properly and carefully detecting changes at an early stage.

The main reasons for the appearance of moles

  • Sharp or sudden hormonal bursts or, on the contrary, the decline, more pronounced in women and adolescents;
  • Ultraviolet sun exposure, or caused by Solarium;
  • Genetic factors.

Signs of negative changes in the nevus and rebirth in melanoma

  • Itching, pain, a burning sensation in a mole or the surrounding area;
  • The appearance of the halo (dark or light) around nevus;
  • Bleeding moles and redness;
  • Exudation of birthmarks;
  • Complete or partial injury of a mole.

The concept of warts

Mole and wart quite easy to confuse. Warts are benign skin growths on the skin (malignant extremely rare) in the form of nodules or papillae, reminiscent of hanging moles. The occurrence of warts is due to the human papillomavirus, and also because:

  • Excessive sweating of the skin of extremities;
  • Psychological trauma;
  • Of acrocyanosis;
  • Vegetariana;
  • Decline of immunity.

Infected warts can be in contact with a carrier of the human papillomavirus, or using his things.

Important! Malignant neoplasms outwardly indistinguishable from ordinary warts. In order to avoid problems and determine follow-up treatment you should consult a doctor dermatologist.

Types of warts

  • Senile;
  • Virus.

Senile warts are benign skin growths caused by aging. In addition to the body, can be placed on the neck and face. Have the form of loose dead skin plaques gray, brown and black in color.

Viral warts, caused by the same virus, are divided into vulgar and common, including plantar. Have a dense structure, a coating in the form ofHorny masses bulge and a rough surface.

Appear mainly on the hands and is absolutely painless. The appearance of plantar warts occur on the soles of their feet in places pressure shoes. Common people, sweating of the feet and which are elevated. Plantar warts are different from the vulgar excrescences of considerable pain.

  • Genital warts;
  • Warts.

The reason for this type of warts is the lack of hygiene of the body. The main places of occurrence is the inguinal region, mezhyagodichnoy fold and genitals. Have the form of soft nodules or papules on the "legs" are painted in pink color. Learn more about this type of wart can be found in our material, in which chemotherapy. Despite the effectiveness of methods suitable for all patients.

In the fight against warts is very effective folk medicine: moxibustion garlic juice, lotions juice of celandine, onions, Thistle lantsetolistnogo. Suitable medication from wormwood, fruits of mountain ash, linseed oil.


In the process of removal of warts and eliminating plantar warts is cryotherapy (freezing with the destruction with liquid nitrogen), electrocautery (electric impact). Cutting of genital warts is made with a scalpel and for the removal of plantar warts apply injections of anti-inflammatory drugs in the base of the growths.

Mole removal

Mole removal is performed by various methods: laser, surgical excision, electrocautery, radiosurgery, cryosurgery. Among the most popular and in demand stand out laser and surgical techniques applied in different occasions. Is made with a scalpel mole removal for large nevi or tumors of a malignant type, and laser — in case of impossibility of leaving traces from the removal of moles, for example, for example, on the face. Here is a article of Flat warts on face treatment that shows methods of removing one of the types of warts.

According to doctors, treatment of surgical site after removal of moles is performed using a solution of potassium permanganate several times a day, effective and safe.

For wart removal is often used combined therapy with the need for treatment.