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The appearance of moles - moles appear why

In the appearance on the body of the mole there is nothing frightening and scary, but there are many mysteries associated with them. For example, not many people know about the cause of the occurrence of nevi, where they get their start and then develop. But this is very interesting, like the fact that moles are very diverse.

On the body it is impossible to find two identical moles, and that's a fact! So why have a new mole? Nevi appear in the first year of a child's life, although some children are born with them. Such darling little spots can be seen immediately after the appearance of a baby into the world, or they become visible 1-2 months. Moles are divided into:

  • Metastatic melanoma and secure.
  • Vascular and not vascular.

As they grow, people are constantly moles appear on the body. Some tend to think that they were born with these spots. But it's not. The major amount of the moles appear during hormonal disruptions. It could be stress, pregnancy, puberty in adolescents, the disease. Vascular birthmarks represent a cluster of small blood vessels, which is due to the color of the moles.

The color of the birthmarks of the spots has a very wide range: from corporal-light to bright red. Vascular birthmarks can be flat and convex, but they have one feature: similar formations are benign and never transformirovalsya in a malignant tumor. And, therefore, the holder of this melanoma moles are not threatened. About vascular birthmarks are not the same thing can be said. They are easily recognizable.

Although they are very diverse: there are large, small, flat, convex — define them by the color which varies from light brown to bluish black. The problem is that not vascular nevi carry the risk of melanoma, although this occurs rarely. By their nature, they are human skin cells, which accumulate a large amount of pigment, but the formation of nevi is due to melanin.

Darling little spots that can be seen on the skin of a newborn baby are considered its innate vices, and all the rest belong to the category of acquired tumors, and do not answer the question — So do not be surprised when discovering on his body for new moles. There is another theory that nevi are formed during aging, especially if it is rapid. But whether the reasons for the appearance of any moles for the same reasons?

Why there are suddenly new moles, having a hanging form or a bright red color? Hanging moles are a kind of mixture of papillomas and nevi. They occur when the body appears HPV (human papillomavirus).

Such moles often haveinconvenient location on the body, and there is a risk of accidental injury. Moles refer to red vascular tumors. They can occur on the skin for various reasons:

  • failure of lipid metabolism;
  • the failure of some organs (pancreas, rectum);
  • dermatologic pathology.
  • But to determine the exact cause can only a dermatologist after proper examination.

How to behave if the nevi appear

If on a body there are numerous nevi, people begin to worry and ask the question: what to do in such a situation? Further actions depend on what and why appeared on the skin moles. To clarify the situation can only be a good dermatologist. But even before going to a specialist is necessary to observe following rules:

  1. It is impossible to spend much time at the beach and in the Solarium. The ultraviolet rays brings harm not only the skin, but that is the main reason of occurrence of new moles.
  2. Before you go out on a Sunny day, apply to the skin a sunscreen and wear a hat.
  3. To be on the beach you need to try before 10 am or after 16 hours. This time is considered the most secure.
  4. You are advised to regularly monitor their health. Even a minor infection or cold can play a fatal role.
  5. Hormones should always be normal, otherwise jump of hormones can lead to malignant tumors, such removal of red moles is most often used laser method, and to prevent their occurrence need to be examined from a dermatologist.

    After a proper survey and identify the causes, the specialist will prescribe the correct course of treatment. New hanging education in any case, you cannot remove independently, as they do not interfere. But the doctor should be treated immediately, because the appearance of hanging moles can be a result of human papilloma virus and determine it can only be a specialist.

    Remove hanging moles with laser or electrocoagulation method. It is important to know: what kind of moles are dangerous, what to delete and what not to touch. Help can be given only by a qualified dermatologist. Independently to diagnose and especially to treat moles is impossible!