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A mole on the leg: causes, how to remove

Every person has moles, many of which do not cause any inconvenience. Often, however, moles can develop into large unsightly growths.

One of such unpleasant phenomena is hanging nevus, or nevus on the leg, and the name is already possible to imagine how all this looks unsightly.

What is a nevus on the leg

A mole on the leg is scientifically called nevus and relates to the defect of the skin, acquired at birth or in the process of life. Such a mole may have different shades, size and shape.

Nevi can be flat, convex, blue, in the form of hemangiomas and age spots. Hemangiomas resemble a papilloma and give a grown up at the foot of a mole of red nodular formations.

The tumor is viral, so it can grow into a vast blur. In this case it is important to seek the assistance of a doctor to avoid trouble.

Appear these tumors can in puberty, with too long exposure to the sun and during pregnancy.

The places of growing of moles

Not all areas on the body are easy to carry moles. There are dangerous places where the presence of moles is undesirable.

A huge inconvenience cause moles on leg, who grew up near the neck. This area is always open and exposed to sunlight that may adversely affect the growth. Also, the mole can be permanently injured due to cross-dressing or mechanically desire poterebit.

A special way you need to follow the growths in the armpits, where due to heavy sweat accumulate germs. The underarm skin is very thin, so the mole may at any time be damaged and develop into a tumor.

Do not abuse the shaving of hair in the groin area, if there is a mole. Build-up can damage the sharp razor, which will lead to adverse consequences.

To avoid injury, it is best to resort to the removal of a mole on the leg. If the damage you need to handle the mole with the help of hydrogen peroxide and green stuff to stop the bleeding and neutralize the wound.

Whether the threat hanging moles

Nevi are benign tumor that can wrong care to grow into unfavorable tumor. Therefore it is necessary to pay close attention to the build-up, when you change the size, shape and color of moles, the swelling, bleeding and itching you should seek the help of doctors. After a series of tests, the dermatologist will inform whether to remove the tumor. In General, it should at least once a year to visit a dermatologist to make sure that the mole is harmless to health.

To a suspension of the moles did not appearon the skin, it is important to observe some rules. Don't get too long in the sun, especially during solar activity. It is important not to forget the daily care for the skin, take a shower and change into fresh clothes. The Solarium can cause the formation of growths, so it is not necessary to visit often.

If the mole is already available and is in a traumatic place, you need to seal it with adhesive tape to avoid damage. And it is better to remove the nevus if it constantly interferes with and spoils the appearance.

Removal of nevus by medical

The most safe and painless you can remove the mole in a medical institution. Before you start treatment, you must do a thorough analysis to find out the cause of the neoplasm and the degree of purity of the moles. As a result of medical examination, the specialist will tell you whether to remove the mole and which method is most suitable.

To safely remove the tumor is possible by means of laser technology. Laser device removes education and cauterizes blood vessels. This technology does not leave scars on the skin.

In the case of escalation of the tumor in substandard, often resorting to the surgery which is under the influence of anesthesia. After surgery, the wound is very long and painful to heal, forming a scar, however, this option nevus removal allows you to remove completely all the dangerous tissue.

With the help of electrocautery to the area around the tumors is exposure to high-frequency electric current. After the mole dries up and disappears. Remaining after surgery the stain soon disappears.

Not recommended for removal of nevi technology of cryotherapy using liquid nitrogen as a substance in contact can damage healthy skin.

A new modern way of removing moles is the application of a non-contact method radiologia. When the operation is applied with local anesthesia. The tumor removed by radio wave technology does not damage the underlying skin and does not leave scars.

Removal of nevus by using folk remedies

Due to the high cost of many operations, often to get rid of moles resorted to using traditional medicine. There are many proven methods of getting rid of unwanted moles.

Celandine or iodine is capable of dry mole. You need to regularly smear the place of formation of the growth, avoiding the juice on clean skin. In a short time the mole will disappear on their own. Including celandine can be combined with petroleum jelly in equal proportions, and then regularly smeared with this mixture the mole.

Such a property of burning and drying has garlic, besides it is the most available for purchase in stores. Forsmudging uses the juice of garlic or a paste.

Including well remove moles, the juice of dandelion. The fresh plant can be found in any yard in the summer.

For removal of the nevus is well suited oxolinic 3% ointment. Every day, the foot and head of a mole generously lubricated with ointment. After the mole will find black color, it is necessary to continue the treatment until the mole does not disappear by themselves. When using the oxoline we need to show care as the ointment can leave blue marks on clothes and skin.

An unusual method is to remove hanging moles using normal human hair. Hair wrapped around the leg and blocks the flow of blood to the head of the mole, causing the mole in a short time dries up and disappears. However, to produce such a procedure would be very difficult.