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Moles on the penis: the appearance of birthmarks on the sexual organ (penis)

Every man on the body always have moles. Benign tumors that differ in color from the skin, as a rule, does not disturb the person.

Are they not systematically, and meet the nevus can be on any area of skin, this also applies to the penis.

Mole on the penis can appear in childhood and stay on the penis all my life, and sometimes nevus appears in adulthood. It is clear that moles are always perceived very ambiguous. Doctors, for example, generally consider moles as extremely dangerous and unfavorable tumors, so let's look at the birthmark on the penis from all sides.

Just say that the opinion of doctors based on practical observations, and therefore we treat the nevus of the penis also wary. Not always a birthmark is a benign, sometimes it is reborn, and then we meet Another referral may be an option, in which the penis appears from a lot of moles.

Any change in moles is likely that it began the process of transformation of a nevus into a melanoma. And a very important time to determine on histological examination and to determine whether there is danger.

Despite the fact that melanoma leads to the 3-4 stage of development to death in 90% of cases, if this cancer is detected on time, then the likelihood of full recovery is almost 100%.

Sometimes a mole may start to cause discomfort after a simple mechanical impact on it, as a rule, this occurs through simple contact with the linen. However, this can cause trauma nevus, which is also undesirable.

Important! If in some cases Immediately it is important to say that regardless of the method of removing body moles should be sent for histological analysis, which will show whether the nevus was exceptionally benign. Even if the doctor initially is not going to send the mole to the study, the patient can insist on such analysis.

To remove the nevus from the surface of the penis is used:

  • Method radionovela removal.
  • Laser removal of nevus.
  • Surgical excision. The latter is most often used as a radical removal, when talking about the threat newuse.

As for the large birthmark on the penis, it has always removed it surgically. Here it is important to remove all body nevus, leaving no tissue, so the surgeon makes an excision, after which the surgical site is sutured.

The operation is extremely painful and is performed under local anesthesia. Regarding the duration, the operation rarely lasts more than one hour.

Mole onthe head of the penis

All of the above applies not only to the nevus on the surface of the penis, but also to the fact that if the mole appears directly on the head.

This point is even more subtle because here the nevus can often during intercourse to hurt. And if the mole is completely flat and is manifested by anything other than pigmentation, and remove it makes no sense, especially on such a sensitive place as the surface of the foreskin.

And a very different attitude to the nevus will be here, if this mole on the leg, it will have to be removed because it will constantly be subject to injury and can lead to the development of malignant tumors.