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The meaning of moles on belly and belly button: what does it mean

Moles in the abdominal area, usually appear on the human body from birth. Her owner, if we are talking about women as weak and dependent on their desires natures.

Including spots on the belly talking about the tendency to overeating or alcoholism. According to forecasters, these people are very ambivalent, reckless and unpredictable, so they can expect sudden death at the onset of a heart attack.

A little about the nature of moles

In General, moles on the abdomen is considered a sign of nobility, grace and sexuality.

People with such marks in a passionate and reckless, do not limit yourself to the day you are constantly slips new sensations and take from life everything.


  • explosive,
  • emotional
  • and impatient people.

Women with such moles are not able to live without intimacy, they are liberated and slightly dissolved. Including these people have a hidden fear and are under constant stress.

The future of the moles on the stomach

Moles in the abdominal area promise late marriage, which her owner can not have children.

Moles red report tremendous vital energy that in the first place should be directed in the right direction.

The ideal option is if the spot is located in the region of the navel. It informs about the secured and peaceful life. Such people luck accompanies life, the holders of moles have a lot of friends.

If the mole is located in the middle of the abdomen, the carrier of a reasonable man and strong. The main thing for such a person – a great strength of will with which he could achieve major success in financial and career matters.

For women, this spot means that she will be happy and will meet his first love after twenty-five years.

Moles and the amount and type

Large moles on the stomach indicate a lazy, greedy, selfish person. If the mole is in the form of a kitten, her owner of a very mysterious nature.

Such people usually possess magical abilities and are able to predict the future.

Woman with a birthmark in the form of birds are always the focus of men and can make things happen no matter what.

Adverse sign is a birthmark in the shape of a cross, it forebodes death in the accident or a tragic accident. But the speck of a star, by contrast, promises a huge success in life.

Location in relation to the navel

A mole located above the navel, indicates a flexible and sensitive in nature, and perfect intuition. Such people are inquisitive, are great friends and value our relations.

Men having marks on this place, it is highlycapricious and fickle nature, however, these people usually achieve great success in the field of entrepreneurship and legal Sciences. Such moles indicate a suspicious and cautious people who do not trust not to friends, not women.

As for women, the owner of the spot above the navel giddy, smiling and windy. Around them, as a rule, are twisted by many fans, which the woman does not pay attention, and use this popularity to their advantage. Therefore, these women always in abundance, and have everything from life.

Spots below the belly button misleading about the high intelligence of men, these people have high moral qualities, sincere and always ready to help. The kind of man every woman dreams of, but these people often go to the rank of henpecked from interested women.

Women have that marking on his stomach, not less than perfect. They are smart, educated, hardworking and able to impress others. Generally of these women come best friend, a faithful wife and loving mother.

The location on the sides

A mole on the right side of the abdomen indicate the sensitivity and tendency for self-sacrifice. Men with this mark is waiting for a successful career through honesty, tact and patience of its owner.

Women with this mole are independent and strong-willed, able to love and appreciate a close relationship. The important thing for people in life stability. These people have a special mind and wit to have a personal opinion. However, of these women make great business people, able to do profitable trades with minimal risk for the company.

Dots in the left abdomen in men talk about a special fanaticism and flatness. Such people are not able loyally to look at the events in life, so often unjust towards others.

Also, these markings are misleading about the huge number of diverse interests that primarily leads to irresponsibility. Women with such moles are able for one moment to ruin your life, going on about the benefits.

Shiny and beautiful things for them is a weakness for which they are ready to abandon principles. For attractive female ready for any financial embezzlement.

Mole in the lower part of the abdomen indicates that its possessor is frequently promises that are not able to do. A woman with the same spot is able to do everything to succeed in life. She is intelligent, is attractive and hard work.

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