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The seal under the mole: the emergence of spot removal

Moles can be not just beautiful or hideous tumors on the body, it is also a direct danger of skin cancer, melanoma. Unfortunately, almost any seal that suddenly appears under the mole can be one of the signs of the degeneration of nevus.

Let's look at the options that may occur as a seal underneath the skin moles and pererodina

What causes a mole to be reborn

In order for the mole started to reborn you need a confluence of several factors. These include the following.

Excessive exposure to the sun or excessive tanning. In the first and in the second case, on the skin affected by the UV light, and under its influence the tissues of the skin there are irreversible consequences.

Accordingly, this action leads to the fact that under the mole appears the seal, which just points to the rebirth of the springs.

Important! For every person the acceptable level of radiation is different, so impossible to determine from, how can you be in the sun. However, we can say that people with light skin is necessary to strictly limit your sun exposure.

Degeneration of moles occur in this case only because the skin includes a protective function, and the reverse side of protection against sunburn, which, in fact, is the solar influence, and there is rebirth.

It is worth to add that extra precaution when sunbathing should respect women during pregnancy. At this time, they go through intense hormonal changes, which entail a change in the structure of skin cells.

Let's not forget that a simple injury of a mole can also be a catalyst for cancer processes. It is therefore important at the first signs of the appearance of the seal under the mole to go to the doctor, especially if this seal was preceded by trauma, or permanent travmatizatsii nevus.

Signs of rebirth

Seal of moles is not the only sign of the beginning of the process of rebirth. Note all the signs are worth paying attention to:

  • A dramatic and noticeable colour change of the nevus. Along with this you can observe the change in the amount of pigment in the body moles. The color is not distributed evenly around the nevus may form a kind of circle they are almost black knots.
  • Mole is not painted uniformly.
  • Significant disruption of the structure of the skin on the mole or its absence, in this case the mole may begin to peel off, when healthy newuse should not happen.
  • Around nevus and his body can begin inflammatoryprocess.
  • The nevus begins to change the configuration of the edges.
  • Nevus significantly increases in size, it felt clear seal.
  • At the base of the mole appear to emerge. However, as soon as she aktiviziruyutsya, after the discovery of the seal under the mole rush, the melanoma does not spread in the skin, it grows deep into the body. And as the mole is not strongly connected cells, the tumor continues to grow, and breaks away parts of traveling through the body and metastases to lymph nodes, eyes, heart, brain, etc.


    Treatment and removal of suspicious moles is by all the canons of oncodermatology, and implies kompleksny approach. A suspicious mole is examined, checked for tumor markers, and depending on the diagnosis the decision about her radical surgical excision. Here you need to know how dangerous it is to remove the mole, even if she wasn't showing any signs of rebirth.

    It is important to emphasize. That at the slightest sign of change in the state of nevus should refer to the oncologist. And not to self-medicate, and especially not to attempt to remove the nevus, which started to show signs of rebirth.