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The hair on the mole: can I pull?

The hair on the mole in most cases do not cause negative feelings, but a nuisance from an aesthetic point of view, as it grows sometimes on exposed parts of the body.

People, faced with this unpleasant problem, seek urgent to get rid of unwanted vegetation. Coming to the dermatologist, future patients will first seek to know what is the appearance of hair on the mole and whether it is dangerous.

Some patients fear the emergence of hair birthmark, because I think this is a precursor to melanoma, that is, of malignant neoplasms. Concerns are not justified. If you grow hair on the mole on the contrary is a sign of the purity of the tumor.

The reason for the appearance of moles

Moles can appear on the skin due to various reasons. Among the most famous include:

  • Genetic predisposition. The child nevus may be in the same place as my parents.
  • Fluctuations in hormonal levels. Some part of pregnant women said the appearance of nevi on the body or increase their number. Moles often appear in adolescence, when there is a total restructuring of the body and changes in hormonal activity. Another reason for the growth of hair from birthmark – menopause. With the beginning of the period there may be an additional number of nevi on the body.
  • Radiation of ultraviolet light. In the formation of birthmarks important ultraviolet radiation, underneath the hair always grows.. If there is prolonged exposure to sunlight on the body is stress, which triggers increased production of melanin. An overabundance of melanin is a guarantee of the growth of tumors turn into malignant tumors.

Of course, when one finds the hair on the birthmark, it gives him a lot of experiences. However, doctors believe that this vegetation does not pose a risk, but on the contrary is a good sign.

In accordance with the results of scientific studies, some hair from a birthmark is a positive sign, because such moles are rarely formed melanoma (a malignant tumor in which the hair does not grow).

With increasing size of a mole, it becomes thin down, which later turns into black hair.

Experts still have not come to common opinion on the expediency of pulling out hair from a nevus.

Some doctors believe that if the nevus is healthy, to remove the hair from it with plucking is not dangerous.

Other dermatologists claim that the plucking of hair from birthmarkis a dangerous procedure, which in any case leads to disastrous consequences. At the point of removing the hair appears inflammation that has the potential to develop into cancer.

How to get rid of hair on newuse

What to do if the birthmark began to grow hair?

If the hair does not bring discomfort and do not interfere, it is better to leave things as they are and not remove vegetation.

As a rule, people want to know is it possible to remove hair from birthmarks. Doctors admit the possibility of the procedure, but after consultation with a specialist.

To remove the hair on the mole, you can use the following methods:

  • Total elimination of hair with laser birthmark correction. The procedure is carried out only on prescription, and when changing the structure of moles, or its size. Hair removed also, if the nevus is formed on the head.
  • Cutting hair with scissors. The disadvantage of this method is that after a short time the hair grows back, becoming more rigid. Moreover, in place of the removed vegetation in any case, there is stubble. The procedure must be repeated more and more often.
  • Hair removed by electrolysis. Use of this tool helps to get rid of the hair, and birthmark. However, after removal of hair is often redness and irritation of the skin, but it goes away within a few weeks.

Hair removal on newuse: key recommendations

If newuse discovered hair before you delete it, you want to see the very spot.

Hair can only be removed with a small flat nevi with smooth edges, or if it however, some doctors believe that the ejection of the hair from birthmarks can be carried out, but with the proviso that the mole is perfectly healthy. After the procedure is necessary to constantly monitor the status of tumors.

Mechanical effects on nevus could trigger significant inflammation or bleeding, with high probability the beginning of the process, even a small pressure on the birthmark.

People need to realize that the surface of a birthmark or nevus always covered by a mass of capillaries, which are most susceptible to mechanical stress. Therefore, even minor trauma may not be noticeable to humans, but subsequently lead to the emergence of benign or malignant tumors, and there is already need and nevus removal.

Complications that may arise due to the removal of vegetation

If the recommendations of a dermatologist is ignored, and the hair from birthmark removed an unacceptable way, you need to carefully and constantly monitor the condition of the nevus, not to be missedthe change of its structure or size.

There are a few of the most common complications caused by the removal of hair from moles:

  • The increase in the size of birthmarks;
  • Increasing the intensity of itching;
  • Strengthening of pain in the area of the mole;
  • The appearance of irritation and peeling;
  • Loss of all hair in the area of the nevus.

The dramatic loss of vegetation in newuse should be a cause for immediate referral to a specialist or dermatologist.