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How to cure genital herpes?

The most common viral infection on the planet – the herpes. The causative agent is the family of herpes viruses, consisting of eight types, each of which is pathogenic for the human body.

Herpes is transmitted from the media in two ways: droplet and contact, and through sexual contact.
Lose herpes affects the cell, remaining in her genetic memory, why is the spread of the virus, and the impossibility of its complete cure. Herpes can reside in a latent state, and exit when subjected to external stimuli, stress, during menstruation or pregnancy.

Symptoms of genital herpes

The gestation period for herpes is up to 10 days, after which the vesicles appear in the mouth area, mucous membranes of the genitals and on the cheeks. Sometimes herpes gives Atypical form of herpes HSV-infection is manifested by cracks in the lining and tissues of the labia and severe pain.

Oligosymptomatic form of herpes may manifest short-term precipitation in a small number of cracks and do not severe itching. Sometimes the symptoms of this form do not appear.

The main feature of a sexual herpes in women, this is several pockets of its manifestations. Contamination exposed to the rectum, the bottom of the urethra. All this is accompanied by itching, burning, painful sensations.

Diagnosis of herpes

Accurate diagnosis is based on the analysis of a scraping from the affected area. In women, the secretion of herpes can be due to the menstruation phase. In one third of patients, herpes stands out in the luteal phase, in the beginning, plus gain symptoms of infection. In other days the secretion of the herpes virus can be reduced to 5%.

Can you detect herpes through blood test, however, the accuracy of the data in this case depends on the form of infection.

Treatment of genital herpes

There is no single method or drug that could fully meet the patient's treatment from the herpes virus. All the modern means of treatment only restore the damage, that is cure the symptoms of herpes but not the herpes. Basically, all the drugs aimed at the destruction of the link between the virus and the cell. Only in this way it is possible to exclude the interaction and spread of herpes.

Among antiviral drugs that can improve the course of herpes include:

  • Acyclovir. Treatment is for 5 days, receiving 5 times a day, dose of 0.2 g for internal use;
  • Valacyclovir.The course of treatment 5 days, taking 2 times a day, dose – 0.5 g orally;
  • Famciclovir. The course is 5 days, 2 times a day, dose – 0.25 g orally.


This disruption of the immune system is a key factor in the development and spread of herpes.

Treatment genital forms of herpes involves the use of human immunoglobulin. This drug has a lot Antiherpes antibodies, which allow to achieve the desired therapeutic effect. And the first drug that has shown excellent antiviral performance, has become interferon.

The production of interferon stimulated in the body by the application of Dibazol, pirogenal, vitamin B12.
In the treatment of genital herpes well proven and recombinant alpha-2 interferon which is used in the form of intramuscular injections. To stimulate and enhance cell-mediated immunity, you can use timogen, taktivin, myelopid, timalin.

On the background of the study, which included multi-year observation of the manifestation of genital herpes, it can be concluded that the most positive effect of treatment can be obtained only with an integrated approach treating herpes. And it can be painted in several stages of treatment:

  • Antiviral therapy in combination with immunocorrection, plus a course of interferon. All this takes place against the background of positive response to interferon;
  • The vaccine is specially created for herpes, in combination with immunomodulators;
  • Adaptogens, Schizandra, Siberian ginseng, ginseng plus and antiherpetic antiviral drugs.