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Thrush: symptoms and treatment

лечение молочницыWe emphasize again that the treatment has to be prescribed by a doctor, even given the fact that the patient may be experience fight the fungus.

Modern medicine offers for the treatment of fungal infection many drugs, which can be represented as:

  1. Capsules and tablets for oral use.
  2. Vaginal candles, creams.
  3. Some medicines OTC, but each agent must be prescribed by a doctor.
  4. In the treatment you can use local applications:
  5. On the basis of clotrimazole (Canison, Inamazon 100, Antifungal).
  6. On the basis of isoconazole (gyno-travogen Ovulum).
  7. Based on miconazole "Klion-D 100, Pinesol).

As for preparations for oral use, is recognized as the most effective antibiotic on the basis of fluconazole. Drugs are rapidly absorbed into the blood entering the gastrointestinal tract, and quickly arrives to the place of transmission.

It is important to emphasize that in mild form of course of thrush, it is sufficient a single dose of fluconazole is 150 mg.

If candidiasis presents in severe form is constantly recurrent disease, drug fluconozole can be assigned to a course for 3-4 weeks with a reception once every seven days 150 mg.

In addition to the fluconazole may be prescribed a similar drug – Itraconazole, which also effectively resists the spread of fungus of the genus Candida.

Prevention of thrush

Treatment of fungal infection should go hand in hand with prevention, which can be described in several stages:

  • Compliance with all the rules of personal and intimate hygiene. Water for cleaning should be disinfecting. This is achieved by using a small amount of baking soda or furatsilina.
  • During treatment necessary will diet. Any foods containing yeast will only worsen the problem, creating ideal conditions for further multiplication of the fungus. Eliminating the vinegar, sweet rolls, sweet yeast drink.
  • During treatment should abandon sexual life, as well as from exercise.

The basis of the beginning of the development of thrush is always a fall of the immunity, therefore, the main preventive effect due to performing actions to maintain the protection of the body and its increase. Walking in the fresh air, exercise, proper nutrition, elimination of stress and the fungus will remain without a chance to spread!

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