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Thrush in men: the main symptoms and characteristics

Thrush in men is recorded much more rarely than women. And that's the reason of the incredible gains – the structure of female sex organs suggests perfect conditions for the growth of the fungus Candida in the conditions of the microflora of the vagina, while the penis fungus to grow harder.

Most interesting is that even if the sexual partner have thrush, the man not always it is infected, as it he must have suppressed immunity, otherwise the fungus can not infect man.


The main cause of yeast infection for men is always a decrease in immunity as a whole, so at the first sign of candidiasis to take care of immune protection. So under normal immunity even after sexual contact with an infected woman, the body can handle the yeast infection, and if you add protivomikrobnye preparations, you can ensure a full recovery in the shortest possible time.

But if the immune system is weak and undermined, there is a risk not just of Contracting thrush, and its development to a complicated shape, when it all comes to the extent of the health risks that the patient should be placed in inpatient treatment.

Risk factors

Primarily in the risk factors we can conclude stress and nervous tension, psychological trauma, all contributing to low immunity. Always a predisposing factor to the development of candidiasis in men may be diabetes first and second type.

If a man diagnosed with a problem like hyperhidrosis, then it is also a factor favourable for the growth and development of the fungus Candida. Also all blood diseases, cancer, anemia, all this leads to a drop in the level of immunity.

Mandatory risk factor is the time of deficiency of minerals in the body. The absence or decline of certain vitamins always has a negative impact on the immune protection of the organism.

Often factor of immunosuppression is the treatment of another disease, which is accompanied by antibiotics, or steroid medications, which are always one of the side effects and drop defenses.

Symptoms of thrush in men

Thrush in men can in a small number of cases, to flow completely asymptomatic. This includes up to 15% of all diseases. At the same time, you should know that candidiasis are able to reside not only on the glans, but in the region of the mouth.

You should pay attention to oral thrush, or candidiasis of the skin is the first symptoms that a yeast infection entered the body.

Howevermost pronounced it is accompanied by a peculiar strong and disagreeable odor, in this case there is severe swelling of the glans penis. The disease is accompanied by constant itching, why there is irritation of the nerve receptors that cause the penis to erect. However, neither the sexual act nor the discharge does not bring pleasure because of pain and burning.

Another manifestation can be Candida urethritis. In this disease there is a loss of the walls of the urethra, the urethra. Symptoms in this case is similar to that experienced by a man when infected with gonorrhea. In addition to the swelling and itching with a white coating, with urethritis caused by a yeast infection, it is possible to observe the presence of blood in the urine threads and itself urine to become cloudy.

The most unpleasant complication of vulvovaginal pielotsistit. In this disease the fungus in the urinary tract up to the kidneys and destroys them. As a rule, is not only the reason the fungus, and together with thrush develops gonococcal infection.

And judging by the way can develop a yeast infection, the first symptoms to start treatment, and do not expect that the body itself can handle it because symptom just says that immunity is not enough to fight the fungus.