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The symptoms of HIV

HIV remains one of the most frightening diagnoses that can today to hear the patient. In addition, the disease is characterized by a long period of latent, hidden form, when a person is generally unaware that he was HIV positive, and given that it is passed through sexual contact, for all time, a hidden development in the body of the carrier, it could be passed on to each partner.

Despite the latent course of the disease for the first time, major symptoms, signs that AIDS has begun to develop.

Symptoms of the virus

After the infection occurs the body's immunodeficiency virus, the body begins the production of antibodies. Moreover, this process can begin even immediately, but only after a couple of months. But antibodies contribute to the fact that the original Problem is in the fact that the process of asymptomatic development of disease can encompass not just a month or two, and sometimes decades, but all the time in the body has the virus. However, there are cases when this phase is completely absent, and VICIS begins to emerge almost immediately after infection.

During the first stage of under defeat HIV can enter the lungs, the body begins the development of Kaposi's sarcoma, which is recognized as one of the main clinical manifestations of AIDS.

Given that AIDS weakens the immune system, almost reducing it to zero, it instantly starts to "revolt" all fungal diseases, pneumonia, candidiasis, fever – all diseases and the microorganisms that restrained the immune system, are now ready to develop and to affect the body of the patient.

The manifestation in men

In men the frequency and number of symptoms are always manifested in a greater measure than in women. For example, you can pay attention to the fact that the first sign of problems with the immune system can be a sudden fever, which can last up to 4 weeks. She disappears as rapidly as it had begun, and the temperature of body come to normal. Usually this symptom is not paying attention, blaming it on colds.

Second symptom of HIV can be considered specific and characteristic rash which can be presented simply colorless patches on the skin. It is important to emphasize that the appearance of the skin is always the case in the first weeks of the disease, that is, spots appear within a month after infection.

Men when infected with AIDS may receive frequent headache. But this symptom generally no one relates to thoughts and HIV so it is common and the cause may be a lot of reasons.

An implicit indication is considered as a noticeable decrease of appetite in men and feeling of constant fatigue.

Whatfor obvious signs that are impossible to ignore, it is primarily the lymph nodes, which can occur under the armpits, on the neck, in the groin. They don't just increase visual, but also tactile, you can feel that they have become hard and swollen. Swollen lymph nodes practically does not manifest itself, the patient is not experiencing pain.

Symptoms in women

The main symptoms of HIV in women are localized in the form of symptoms in the pelvic area. In the first place is the beginning of a permanent and long running infectious diseases.

You should pay attention to the fact that the increased number of vaginal infections, and in addition, they are extremely difficult to begin to respond to treatment.

Further, special attention should be paid to the appearance of severe mucosal herpes, a severe infections, which may be accompanied by ulcers of the labia.

All of this is needed smear of the cervix, which can show the abnormal state of the microflora, and this also indicates a decline in immunity which can be caused by HIV.

As soon as AIDS moves from a latent stage in the progression, you can observe the increase in fever with high temperature, the appearance of specific white spots in the mouth and constant swollen lymph nodes in the body. Along with this, the woman experiences weight loss due to the almost complete loss of appetite, nausea and constant diarrhea.

It can be concluded that despite small differences, the main symptoms of AIDS are ultimately similar in men and women. However, to identify HIV from women easier, signs in the initial stages, localizes in the pelvic organs in the form of infections, greatly narrow the circle of "suspects". Thus, diagnosis is faster, and doctors are beginning to prescribe a comprehensive treatment that prolongs the life of AIDS for many decades.