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Candles from yeast

In the fight against yeast infection the pharmaceutical market offers quite a large number of different means. However, it is recognized that not every drug is able to either solve the problem or simply do not always fit certain characteristics of the patient.

Today vaginal suppositories to treat candidiasis is recognized as the most effective tool in the fight against this fungus. However, all the candles cannot be brought under a universal, standard requirements, each drug has its own application deadlines, timing of exposure, effect. Consider the most common and popular of the candles (by the way, in the article Drugs which are suitable for women during pregnancy always different.

From the variety it is possible to allocate Marginal, candles of this type are not just an excellent job with the thrush, but demonstrate no side effects and have no negative impact on the child.

Moreover, treatment with Marginala helps to relieve all symptoms, has a beneficial effect on the microflora, and in the case of caesarean section reduces the risk of infection.

Another means that is recognized as the most safe in the treatment of fungus of candidiasis during pregnancy is the Pimafucin. Included with the candle of the active substance completely non-toxic and safe for mother and fetus.

With regard to chronic forms of yeast infection, the key drug deliver candles fluconazole. The drug almost instantly cope with the spread of the fungal infection, however, can sometimes give some side effects, which mostly manifest in the form of small of skin rashes.