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Allergic to alcohol: vodka, alcohol

In order not to confuse concepts such as alcohol intolerance and is allergic to alcohol, it is necessary to clarify the meaning of these terms. In particular, intolerance of a person is because of a lack of enzymes that convert incoming the alcoholic liquid into acetic acid. The reason of emergence of allergic reaction on alcohol at the moment are not fully known and studied by scientists.

However, the concept of Allergy first means the body's reaction to the interference of extraneous stimuli. Meanwhile, the alcoholic drinks themselves are not the allergen per se, as included among the substances produced by the body in a natural way, i.e. natural metabolites.

In the result we can say that an allergic reaction to alcoholic beverages can be caused by such reasons:

Components that are part of an alcoholic drink that cause allergic reaction;

Due to damage from the effects on health of alcohol in the bloodstream get harmful substances that are allergens.

What components can cause allergies in humans

If allergic to alcohol was the result of contained in the composition of alcohol of any components, you need to find out what exactly provoked such a reaction in the body and begin treatment. Most often to blame are flavored substances, stabilizers, and colorants which are used in the creation of cheap alcoholic beverages.

The main allergens are:

  • Fertilizer sulfur dioxide, which is used for growing grapes. This substance can get into the wine and causing a corresponding allergic reaction.
  • Powerful allergen can be almond, which is contained in many alcoholic beverages.
  • These substances are not all harm is called allergic to alcohol, but everyone needs to take into account the peculiarities of the organism and correctly choose the spirits not to harm the health.

Allergies can cause not only specific substances, but also the processes occurring from the frequent use of alcohol. So, fans of the beer, drinking it every day may develop hypersensitivity to barley gluten that trigger frequent diarrhea, arthritis and Treatment of Allergy to alcohol is to clean the body from harmful toxins. It is important to know that the use of most antihistamines is prohibited in the state of alcoholic intoxication. Even in normal reactions, such as rash on the face antihistamines the drug will only exacerbate the Allergy, and there to atopic dermatitisfar.

Treatment should be carried out after the identification of the allergen that causes allergies. Also need to figure out what caused such a reaction – a specific type of alcohol, amount of alcohol consumed or the fact of taking liquor.

If the victim does not experience suffocation, the treatment is conducted in the form of gastric lavage with a solution of cold water. If respiratory failure are used antiastenicescoe inhalers. From skin rash treatment is applied with special ointments.