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Allergic to dog hair - how to manifest and what to do

Many dream of a pet and one day do decide to start it. However, the joy may not last long, because someone from family members is quite possible allergic reaction to animal hair. Allergic to a dog may show redness of the nose, itching, appearance of the chest, wheezing, and watery eyes active as in children and in adults.

Allergic to dogs – it is a complex reaction, requiring careful study. By and large, the disease is an overreaction of the human immune system to foreign substances that have entered the body. It can be any of the substances of different nature, and it is necessary to do something.

How is allergic to dogs

It is noteworthy that those children who from an early age lives in the same house with dogs, much less prone to allergic to them. The process for dog allergies is that in the blood are antibodies that begin an active struggle with the pathogen.

Such reactions of the human organism can occur at a time when it gets a virus. In this case, if the immune system is stable, the antibodies will not give the virus any opportunity to grow, and he is not manifested.

If we talk about allergies to dogs, then the antibodies begin to be produced in large enough quantities without the need for it, and then begin to show symptoms. Such development in any case begins to cause allergies in all its glory.

This process can be called an eternal immunity to dogs, after all, to cure allergic to the dog and its coat is simply impossible. However, in some cases it is possible to fool the body with the help of special medicines or reduce the level of allergens in ambient air, it can be done on the recommendation of a physician.

Not all people are equally susceptible to allergic reactions to wool. If some of it does not arise at all, others suffer severe symptoms. In addition, in some cases, the disease can retreat without any treatment, and other measures. Such differences in the reactions of different people is not accidental, because a lot depends on heredity.

Medicine has long been noted that if at least one of the parents suffers from allergies, it is born in such a family the child will be allergic with a probability of about 50 percent and there's nothing you can do.

If both parents are affected by the disease, then the risks to baby increase to 70 percent. It should be noted that the type of Allergy, which affects relatives, has no bearing on what may be the causative agent of illness in a child, because it can be:

  • pet hair;
  • chemicalsubstances;
  • food;
  • the pollen of flowers, for example, the Total amount of this aggression to the allergic protein can depend on many factors, e.g. sex of animal health, environment, nutrition, sexual activity, and size and type of wool. According to recent studies, more and color of the animal can affect the disease, because the black color dogs are more aggressive than bright.

    Recently, there have been so-called hypoallergenic breeds of dogs. However, it is impossible to bring such a priori, because modern genetics has not yet been able to achieve those astounding heights.

    There are types of Pets, which cause minimal symptoms of allergic symptoms:

    • dogs without undercoat, which usually pours through the apartment;
    • naked dogs;
    • wire;
    • dogs of small size.

    Such animals include various breeds:

    • poodles;
    • bullet;
    • Maltese;
    • Yorkie;
    • Mexicans;
    • Portuguese;
    • lapdogs;
    • Schnauzer;
    • the Bichon.

    The smaller the dog, the less symptoms she will call his master, but it is important to remember that there is no one breed of dog that could cause an allergic reaction in humans.

    It is worth noting that in time if the animal is spayed or neutered, which is several times will be reduced by the amount of the allergen.

    Those who are not entirely confident in your body, obliged mandatory to be tested for sensitivity. It's enough to take a scraping from the depression in the cheek of the animal and with its skin. The resulting material will need to pass the lab with his own blood.

    What should I do if I become allergic to dogs?

    If an allergic reaction to a dog appeared from a small child or even a newborn, then in such cases to leave the pet at home would be tantamount to murder Little body is not able to protect ourselves from the aggressive pathogen and give it resistance, especially to inform about his bad health, the baby also will not allergic to the skin of a baby and flowers!

    To give the dog in good hands and will have in cases when there is difficulty in breathing, true asthma, laryngeal edema, and bronchospasm. In some cases there is a fairly high probability that after some time people can begin to control their condition. In such situations, you can find your pet with temporary housing, whence it will be easy to pick it up at any time, without harm thus to their health.

    Do not neglect the health of most dogs. It is important to conductvaccination to ensure animal healthy diet. If the dog is in great shape and she is healthy, then the amount allocated to it is reduced protein.

    It will be good to regularly do a clean dog. If you bathe her at least once a week with the help of special tools, the overall level of aggressive protein decreases. It is important to remember to thoroughly and regularly comb the animal, eliminating the cut off hair. However, the SARS, in any case should not do this yourself as this procedure will only reinforce a negative effect on his health.