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Hormonal rashes in newborns: symptoms rashes

Every parent with special attention and awe applies to everything to do with his child. If we are talking about the slightest deviations in his health and condition, moms and dads begin to seriously worry that it is logical. Appearance on the head, face or neck infant rash is one of the reasons to visit a pediatrician, and also establish the causes of such a process.

The bulk of parents may think that such a rash be the result of Allergy to any food product, however, only the doctor can establish the true cause. Only he is able to spend quality differentiation between hormonal and allergic rashes, as well as to appoint competent and adequate treatment.

What is a hormonal rash and why does it occur?

You first need to identify what these rashes in the home can have several names, for example:

  • acne newborns;
  • "grain of millet";
  • bloom newborn;
  • "rash of three weeks.

However, whoever and may be called rash in infants, in medical practice it is called neonatal pustules.

According to statistics, hormonal rash on the skin of the baby is often enough. Regardless of their names, the nature of the rash one child is actively cleared from the maternal hormones that were in his body in utero or from breast milk.

Thus, there is an adaptation of the little man and his immature organism to a new habitat. Typically, the rash lasts up to two months and is called hormonal crisis. It begins to the end of the first week of baby's life and can be characterized by such symptoms:

  • the engorgement (boys and girls);
  • swelling of the scrotum (in boys);
  • bloody discharge or vulvovaginitis (girls).

What is different hormonal newborn rash from any other?

Quite often, these rashes can be confused with allergic, because they are quite similar to each other. Doctors describe the lead, which you can easily differentiate the nature of acne, and learn what it is to receive, is not, for hormonal pimples rashes characteristic red color, but in some cases they may be pale. In addition, in the middle of almost every zit observed a white dot. With regard to localization of skin rashes hormonal nature, they appear on the forehead, cheeks, nose, and in some cases under the baby's hair.

Inflammation and injection and hormonal rash things is not typical, but it provided a quality personal hygiene. Arisepimples randomly – each time in different places.

How to treat rash?

Oddly enough, but hormonal rashes in newborns do not require any intervention and treatment. Pediatricians recommend not to resort to the advice of non-experts and to stuff the child with various medications in the form of antihistamines, adsorbents, acne and hormonal creams, ointments, powders and other similar. All the above can harm a body and cause the development of various inflammatory processes and irritation.

The best way to clear hormonal pimples will not pay any attention to them. It will be enough just to wash the child clean boiled water, and in the room where it is located, to create the best for babies microclimate. After three weeks of hormonal rash will clear itself on its own, as it appeared. In some cases, complete clearance of the skin may be observed after three months.

How to differentiate rashes?

In some cases, hormonal rashes confused with heat rash or allergies. Prickly heat occurs as a result of incorrect child room temperature, and incorrect selection of clothing for infants.

For such a characteristic skin rash small pimples with liquid. If they occur in infants older than three months, it could well be acne, as pictured. In this case, the baby's skin will form pimples with a white head that leaves on the skin traces. Here that rash include mandatory referral to a pediatrician.

Diathesis (allergic reaction) in the first weeks of life of infants may not be, because his immune system hasn't started yet. If a rash, it can occur in the place of localization of the allergen. So for food allergies are common rashes on the face, for a reaction to the diapers on a baby's ass.

In addition, the skin of infants can be sensitive to washing powder, which will be shown by rashes in the places where the skin is most in contact with clothing. Allergic rashes are characterized by uncomfortable feelings and moodiness of the child, you need to use the cream from allergies for the newborn.

Whatever it was, in any case, better safe than sorry and seek medical help. For this reason, in case of doubt, you must pay a visit to your pediatrician.