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How to remove the goosebumps on their butts: photo

Smooth silky skin is always the dream of every woman, for some, it comes true from birth, and the nature of the skin smooth and delicate, and someone has to constantly fight in order to bring the skin in perfect condition. Let's talk today about this issue, as the goose bumps on ass

Causes goose skin on the priest

Goose bumps on buttocks the woman is the medical name of this disease is a medical term — chronic folliculitis or follicular keratosis. This disease occurs primarily due to excessive formation of the Horny tissue in the hair follicles on the skin of the buttocks.

Highlight the main reasons that lead to the formation of Horny tissue, and ultimately, to the formation of goose skin:

  • Genetic predisposition and hereditary factors. If one of the parents or close relatives there is the same problem as follicular keratosis, there is a high probability that the disease will be passed on to the baby and in adulthood begin to appear in the form of a goose skin on the priest.
  • The deficiency in the initial stage. This happens in the case if the body is deficient of vitamins A and C as well as the deficiency of certain minerals, including: calcium, zinc, salt, and the result is goosebumps. Elimination of deficiency by the start of vitamin-mineral complexes, leads to the complete elimination of the goose skin on the buttocks.
  • Seasonality of climate change. Goose pimples on the buttocks can often be called a kind of "winter heritage", it appears due to the fact that the premises in the winter the air becomes very dry due to constant heating. In addition, a person constantly goes to the clothes, respectively, the skin of the buttocks is not getting the right amount of oxygen.
  • In okoloogiline the folds of goose bumps may be the consequence inflammatory process that appears as a result of frequent hair removal.


The appearance of goose skin on the buttocks, it is in any case not a sentence appearance of the skin, just going to have to reconsider some aspects of the relationship to your body. Let's consider the preventive points that will help to avoid the appearance of goose skin, and will be included in the complex of measures on elimination of this defect.

First you will need to watch your diet. The lack of vitamins A and C, which lead to the appearance of goose skin, you can compensate for blueberries and carrots. In addition, the diet, be sure there are products such as cabbage, seeds, legumes, garlic, onions, nuts, bread from wheat flour.

As for fluid intake, you will have to give upabsolutely all carbonated drinks and instead be able to drink black and green tea, natural coffee, and plain water without gas.

You can also recommend the administration of vitamins, which should restore the balance of minerals and vitamins, minerals in the body. Are such vitamin complexes twice a year, once in 6 months.

Principles of skin care buttocks

Together with the right diet, the skin requires constant care. You must carry out certain procedures on care of a skin of buttocks. Below we give a few effective recipe that you can use at home.

The first recipe consists of a special bath. For this, you will need to dissolve 300 grams of starch in 2 liters of milk. The resulting mass is poured into a bath with warm water, the water temperature should not exceed 40 degrees. In order to achieve an even greater effect in the improvement of the skin, in the bath, you can add pine extract. Taken baths twice a week for 15 minutes. After this treatment, skin becomes really soft, supple, silky!

The following recipe assumes the use of coffee honey scrub, which is also great influences on the goose skin on the buttocks. This takes ground coffee, 3-4 scoops, they are diluted with water to a state of a kind of gruel.

Thereafter, the resulting mass should stand for half an hour, then added to it two tablespoons of honey and two tablespoons of vegetable oil. The oil can be replaced with olive. The resulting mass is applied on the skin, followed by a kind of peeling skin. The procedure is done twice a week.

In addition, it is possible to prepare special coffee soap with loofah. It is ideal for prevention of skin and is intended to prevent the appearance of goose skin on the buttocks. The option responds to the question, warm water.

There is another good recipe for the bath for the prevention and removal of the goose skin on the buttocks. To do this you must cut one orange into two pieces and boil it in two liters of water for 10 minutes. The resulting liquid is poured into the tub, and the rest of the orange pieces are used, as the real massage sponge, massage the skin on the buttocks. There are such baths for 10-15 minutes.

Regular care and hydration of the skin

After all procedures after a bath and scrub on the skin is necessary to apply a nourishing cream. Well, if this cream is more and cellulite, it helps the skin to gain elasticity and enrich it with all necessary nutrients andtrace elements. By the way, anti-cellulite creams help to answer the question of how to remove sagging skin on the legs, which excites the lovely ladies less than goosebumps.

The main thing you need to know in the treatment goose skin on the buttocks is that all of the complexes that are used should be systematic. Is the systematic and regular skin care and it is important to note that the first effect of using a comprehensive approach, you can see just after two or three treatments, however if you stop working, the skin will almost instantly return to its previous state.