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Treatment of boils at home: how to quickly get rid of the boil

Furuncle is an inflammatory process in the hair pouch of the skin. Inflammation takes place on the background of formation of pus, and is quite pronounced pain syndrome in injured tissue.

The cause of boils are pus-producing bacteria in the first place these include staphylococci.

General information on boil

The appearance of boils can be expected on almost any area of the skin where there is hair. Therefore, the most frequently inflamed boil in the armpits, on the neck, on the face.

Important! This lesion may not be on the palms and soles, so if these parts of the body formed an abscess, boil it is irrelevant.

The size of the boil can be completely different, ranging from a pea, to large diameter, up to several centimeters. In principle, if the boil turns into a form of a large formation, it can be said that we are dealing with a carbuncle, the next stage of the suppurative inflammation.

Here just note that if we are talking about this kind of furuncle, carbuncle, treatment at home should be excluded. Carbuncle is extremely dangerous, and can lead to blood poisoning.

The main causes of boils and symptoms

First cause is the penetration into the hair pouch pathogenic, pyogenic bacteria, which trigger the mechanism of inflammation.

Once under the skin starts to gather pus, is formed and swelling, which will ache until then, until it is opened and drained of pus.

We can identify some of the main points that lead to the infiltration of bacteria in hair follicles:

  • Almost any skin trauma. It could be a scratch, scratching, plus diseases of the skin, which lead to its destruction. For example,that they are very effective, they absolutely are not expensive and you can buy them at any pharmacy.

    As soon as the abscess is opened and drained, the pus at all, or completely self-dries, or when gently pressing, the resulting wound should be disinfected and decontaminated.

    This recommended the use of a 3% solution of hydrogen peroxide, plus, healing time is recommended to treat the wound with a solution of sodium chloride. It can also be purchased at the pharmacy.

    A few basic tips before treatment and during

    Let's define a few basic rules when treating the boil at home can not be broken.

    You first need to wash hands thoroughly, with soap antibacterial. It concerns options of contact with the boil.

    Should not in any case pierce the boil until itmaturation of needles. Inflammatory process should lead to the fact that the lesions are independently opened.

    All the time and inflammation after healing, it is recommended to refuse from salty, spicy or sugary foods.

    Treatment of boils folk remedies at home

    One of the most popular recipes for the treatment of furuncle non-traditional means is a simple bow which needs to be baked in the oven. And the bulb remains in the husk.

    With onions roasted grated soap. Then two ingredients are mixed to a homogeneous condition. The resulting mass is applied on a gauze bandage and applied to the boil.

    Compress is recommended to do at night. Typically, a boil is opened 48 hours after the start of application of the compress.

    Along with onions, is another great natural product that helps in the treatment of boil beet juice. Beets should be just well-washed, and it is not removed skin. In a juicer fresh juice is obtained, after which it you need at least three hours to infuse.

    Taken beet juice thirty minutes before meals during the day, but not more than 4 times.

    As for the healing process of the boil once it was opened and drained, the best remedy aloe leaf or plantain leaf. The leaves of these plants are cut and applied to the affected area of the skin, perebintovany. The dressing could be changed, and take a few days until complete healing of the injury.