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The impact of diapers on skin of children: the discomfort of diaper rash in babies

Before you start to talk about the impact of diapers on the baby's skin recall that the diapers came in the Top 30 inventions that have completely changed the daily life of the population of our planet.

Just note that the diapers to date, it seems the invention is completely safe for the health of the child. They are easy to use, brings no discomfort, the main thing is to observe the use of and to follow which was developed by pediatricians.

Last just important to learn because in the design of diapers was attended by professional doctors.

How to choose a diaper

Regardless of what is selected diaper, each diaper always consists of three layers. First, it is the inner layer, in direct contact with baby's skin. His goal is to keep the water inside, while the layer always has one-sided permeability, that is, the moisture is passed inside and can no longer return to the baby's skin.

Naturally, this layer, like all layers of a diaper are comprised of hypoallergenic material, it is one of the main rules in the development of any diaper.

The second layer has an absorbent function, it turns liquid into gel and continues to hold her like this even at constant pressure on the diapers.

The last 3, the outer layer needs to fix the diaper with Velcro or elastic bands, protects the child's clothing.

Generally speaking, the main differences of diapers from different manufacturers are in the details. For example, it can be stretchable rubber-bandages or special treatment of the inner layer of the anti-inflammatory components, in any case, all these details indicated on the packaging.

Another fairly important factor is the conformity of the diaper and the baby's weight. Diapers are meant for children with different weights, so they have different amounts of absorbent material. It is important to emphasize that the bought butt diaper will leak.

The shelf life of disposable diapers up to two years, then there is no guarantee that it will normally absorb or have normal permeability.

How to wear a diaper, so as not to affect the skin

First the skin of the buttocks of the child under the diapers should be completely dry. Correctly wearing a diaper is supposed to fit the child's body.

Note that between the diaper and the abdomen, the infant must freely enter index finger.

Note that right and left fastener diapers they should be strictly symmetrical, otherwise during the movement the diaper will warp and cause discomfort and discomfortchild.

Gum diapers that cover the child's legs must be straightened and be strictly under the inguinal folds.

Regarding boys, the penis should be lowered down, none of the existing diapers can't hold the urine stream, which is directed upwards, if the penis of a child in diapers is head in the direction of the navel.

When you need to change diapers

A diaper change should be done after a night's sleep, walking and after defecation in a child. Each of these States leads to the contamination of the inner surface, and diapers after that use it anymore.

You should also note that the changing of the diaper is preferably carried out after each act of urination. However, this is problematic, first, to keep track of when the baby wets difficult, and secondly, the volume of one urination the child is very small.

If the diaper wearing is correct, then the urine is completely absorbed and does not cause any inconvenience to the baby.

The child until six months of life the volume of one urination is approximately 30 ml. In this case the baby urinates about 20 times a day. You can say that the main criterion that you will need to change the diaper when urinating child, is dry skin. If the leather is wet, it's time for a diaper change.

How does the diaper on the skin

Just note that the most effective indicator normal condition of the skin in the baby diaper is dry, and frequency. The color of the skin should not be different from colors in other areas of the body.

Any discoloration, such as reddening of the skin under the diaper is an indication that temperature increases and diapers selected is not quite right. It is important to emphasize that the diaper covers approximately one third of the baby's body, as well as thermoregulation of the child is completely formed in only two years, in a room with high air temperature and low humidity of the diaper may be formed of diaper rash that are associated with overheating of the skin. Sometimes it can be a problem. Diaper dermatitis in a child is manifested in the form of redness on the buttocks and in the genital area. In addition there is swelling of the skin, and in some cases, the skin bubbles and is peeling, can form small pimples on the body of the child.

Additionally, the pediatricians believe that disposable diapers may even affect the elimination of nappy rash. The fact that the disease occurs when simultaneous continuous contact of urine and feces with the skin of the child.

The use of the diaper facilitates the separation of urine and feces, with timely change diapers diaperdermatitis can be triggered and can not develop. We can say that just need to monitor the child's condition and frequently check the diaper, then no diaper dermatitis in child

Diapers and the reproductive system

No serious scientific research, which confirmed that the diapers have a negative impact on the reproductive function boys. And there is no research that would show that the use of diapers later lead to male infertility. It is noted that the diaper does not affect the quality of sperm and sexual organs, the testicles, the diapers do not overheat.

In addition a normal, active spermatozoa begin to appear in the testicles of boys before the age of ten, and secondly, numerous studies have shown that the influence of high ambient temperature on the testicles does not cause infertility men, if the patient has no anatomical defects.

It may be noted that the use of disposable diapers increases the temperature of the skin on the testicles of the child is only 1, a maximum of a half a degree, and a negative effect on tissue is determined if the temperature jumps up to 40 degrees.

With regard to the impact of diapers on the urinary system of the child, as well as the development of enuresis, we can say that the diaper does not affect the initiation of the child to the pot. In any case, sustainable skills to control urination formed only one and a half years.