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How to remove fatigue and sagging skin on the feet

Agree that perfect female foot, it is not only the shape but also the appearance, the condition of the skin, so the appearance of sagging on the skin always leads to physical and psychological discomfort.

Therefore, the topic of today's article is not just loose skin on my feet, and ways to eliminate this from all sides problems.

Why is the skin on the feet becomes flabby

On a woman's body there is always a few places that can be described as problematic from the point of view of appearance. First and foremost is the inner and outer side of thighs, it is here that can form extra fat deposits to appear unattractive ears. Here be wrinkles, sagging skin, and also the main nightmare the fair sex – the cellulite.

Let's define the main reasons that cause the skin on the feet becomes loose, droops and becomes a hard-hitting appearance:

  • rapid weight loss, the skin doesn't have time to take on new dimensions.
  • age-related changes, the skin loses its elasticity.
  • poor diet, the skin does not receive all of the necessary items, and under the epidermis starts to Deposit subcutaneous fat.
  • lack of care of the skin.
  • low level of physical activity, poor metabolism and metabolism.

Doctors also think that to provoke the appearance of sagging on the skin of the feet may be a disruption in the endocrine system and metabolism, that is hormonal imbalance leads to skin changes.

In some cases, the determining factor in the emergence of sagging is heredity.

Treatment of sagging on the skin of the legs independently

Let's start with the definition of the reference point, after which the body stops growing and starts aging is 25 years. At this age can begin to receive the first signals that will be manifested in the form of small wrinkles in the thighs. It should be noted immediately that the legs need constant attention, the only way to keep the skin in a normal and adequate.

If a man stands in front of the goal to lose weight, then follow this should be gradually, not forcing events. Lose weight, drop those extra pounds you need to properly not to forget that when overweight, the skin stretches, and when drastic weight loss it just does not have time to go back to their old borders.

Accordingly, if it has already happened independently the problem can be solved as a result of long sports and integrated approach with certain cosmetic treatments and massages.

It is very important to independent struggle with loose skin on my feet to find the correct and balanced diet. It should consist of foods that contain large amounts ofitems that match the names of the condition of the skin and its elasticity. These components include:

  • protein of animal origin (milk, fish, eggs, meat)
  • antioxidants (prunes, cranberries, blueberries, red beans, pistachios)
  • beta — carotene (carrots, mangoes, tomatoes)
  • selenium (hazelnut, cheese).

In addition, every 6 months you can use a refresher course on the basis of vitamin and mineral complexes, which are sold in pharmacies.

Exercise and massage

Any physical activity, especially focused and persistent, give the opportunity to maintain adequate and normal condition of the muscles of the legs. Accordingly, increased blood flow to the skin.

To loose skin gradually disappeared from the feet and become more elastic and you must daily engage in certain physical exercises which will give strain on the muscles of the legs, thighs, lower leg, back of the thighs.

On your own just to walk, to begin to engage in Cycling, jumping rope, doing squats. Additionally, you can ask for help in a gym and do fitness.

Fitness industry for the maintenance of normal skin and eliminate sagging skin on women's feet long ago developed a complex of exercises that allow you to pump up thighs, calves, legs in General, and show quite good results.

As for the massage, the effect on loose skin can also be produced and independently. Very well be purchased in his younger years, and besides, you can use a cellulite cream and massage and they should increase the effect of skin exposure.

To massage problem areas of the skin on the feet can be completely on their own, it is absolutely not a complicated procedure. The most important thing to remember is that massage the inner thigh to hold it gently. Here soft skin and a large concentration of blood vessels.

To strengthen the effect of self-massage, you can contact a professional masseur. Let it be the complex impact on the sagging skin of the feet, then the result will be achieved faster and more effective. There are special anti-cellulite massages as well as massage which has an effect only on the improvement of the skin.

Masks, wraps, moisturizing

Let's start with the fact that moisturizing the skin can not only outside but inside. Pharmacies have in selling many interesting cosmetic products that represent a specific complex designed to maintain the hydro-lipid balance of the epidermis. They have to fight with stretch marks andthe appearance on the skin cellulite.

There is a perfectly simple way to help the skin to smooth out and regain elasticity, it is necessary every day to drink 2 liters of plain water. Here, however, is a pitfall, say, the fact that high water consumption may adversely affect kidney, in addition there is a kind of washing out a lot of useful minerals and substances from the body, so everything should be in moderation.

With regard to the use of masks and body wraps, these treatments are really able to tighten the skin and make it supple and elastic. However, regular trips to the spas overlook the road, but this procedure can be done at home. For example, the loose skin has a beneficial effect blue clay. Apply it for 20 minutes on problem areas of the skin, after it dries, the clay is all removed, and the skin is hydrated with cream. By the way, there are excellent of Course, let's not forget that it is very important for great skin and to combat sagging skin are any water treatments. This can be the simplest swimming, maybe water aerobics, you can take a bath with aromatic oils.

Excellent effect on the skin provides a contrast shower, which can be taken morning and evening. A sharp change temperature always causes the body to include additional reserves, which would trigger the regeneration in the skin.

Beauty treatments

Note that the beauty salons can go in conjunction with those procedures that are performed at home. Such a holistic approach loose skin even more effectively eliminated from the surface of the feet, by the way, the same applies to the question of why cracked skin on the heels, and ways to eliminate this problem.

Major cosmetic procedures include:

  • mesotherapy. The procedure consists of injections of special preparations into the problem areas of the skin.
  • RF-lifting. The method uses special radio waves which help to improve body contours and tighten loose skin.
  • LPG-massage (vacuum roller lipomassage)
  • hot and cold wraps.