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How to remove the papilloma and warts at home

Papilloma is a benign tumor of the character, the color does not differ from the hue of human skin. Its size can reach 0.2-10 millimeters.

It all papillomas presented exclusively benign tumor, and you must know that there are types of human papillomavirus, which can be attributed to angiopathy.

Typically, papillomas grow on the surface of the skin, but sometimes can occur on the mucous membranes. Their appearance caused by the presence in the human papilloma virus (HPV), which under certain conditions aktiviziruyutsya in the body and forms a benign tumor.

Such a virus is in the body almost everyone, and the method of its treatment at the moment, science has not discovered. According to statistics, 90% of the population has a particular human papilloma virus.

Papillomas are usually not able to grow quickly, however, if a person has a weakened immune system, the tumor can grow and multiply. In principle, the growth of tumors always directly linked to the immune status of the person, and the more it weakens, the more the tumor is ready to grow and spread.

How to remove warts

To remove warts medical method is applied by laser impact or coagulation. However, this is quite an expensive procedure and often, people resort to treating the warts at home.

Before you begin self-treatment, it is still necessary to consult a dermatologist and to analyze the tumor. This will allow you to figure out whether the tumor is benign and whether the treatment of any medications.

Sometimes the experts recommend not to touch the warts as they will soon diminish and disappear.

How dangerous self-removal of warts

In General, experts do not recommend to remove warts yourself, as the wrong choice of method removal of the tumor may become malignant, however, it is necessary to injure the wart, at least.

Important! In some cases, negligence may begin excessive bleeding at the site of removal of papillomas, which will require the help of doctors.

In the treatment at home, be sure to conduct thorough antiseptic treatment to prevent infection of wounds and complications. In any case it is not allowed to clipping or truncation of the HPV, since then the tumor will start to grow and can develop into cancer. Do not try to remove with your hands the growths on the face, or it can create a scar that will last a lifetime. This includes their own to produce treatmenttumors on the mucosal surface.

Treatment of warts with medication

To remove papillomas at home dermatologists recommend the use of freezing agents. "Kriofarma", since it is sold in all pharmacies without a prescription and gets rid of build-up including intimate places, and castes the main thing is not to overdo it and completely follow the instructions, not self-medicate. Otherwise, it can cause skin injury, which will lead to the spread papillom.

Including today-in clinic, you can find sticky tape impregnated with a special compound that have a destructive effect growths on the skin. Adhesive strip is attached on top of papilloma and rests on the body at least three hours. After the tape must be moistened with warm water and separate it from the skin along with the destruction of papilloma.

Used to remove papillomas and Verrucae", using it for one day to get rid of unpleasant build-up. However, this drug causes a painful sensation when applied, as the wound on the skin heals in a few days.

Getting rid of warts using folk remedies

Often to get rid of warts folk use the old proven ways that are quite safe used even during pregnancy. Unlike drug treatment, the drugs made with their own hands, including help improving the immunity that is necessary to deal with obstruidas growths and with the help of castor oil, which contains a special acid which destroys warts. The knot is lubricated with castor oil several times and covered with plaster. Six times spreading papilloma will start to otpugivat.

Perfectly treated papillomas composition of green walnuts and kerosene. Nuts should be ground with a grinder, place in a glass jar and pour the kerosene in the proportions of 2 to 1. Let the mix steep in for a month, then pressed, and the resulting thick liquid is used as a topical ointment. Papillomas obtained are lubricated with ointment twice a day.

Many plants have acrid juice that can destroy the growths. Among them, aloe, dandelion, celandine, chestnut, banana, garlic. Needed regularly for several days to lubricate papilloma, leaving to dry completely. The garlic used in conjunction with flour or cream.