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Peel off the skin from the head of the penis: why oblazil and what to do

Various diseases of the reproductive male organs absolutely are manifested differently from the point of view of skin rashes.

Of course, that caused most of the problems some inflammatory processes, the presence of certain types of infections and very often these symptoms and rashes on genitals are a direct consequence of the banal non-compliance with hygiene.

In any case, whatever the cause of certain skin problems on the surface of the penis, it is always a discomfort. In addition, there are spots, itchy and often peeling skin on the glans of the penis, this is what we will talk in given article.

It should be noted that certain infectious diseases of the penis always able to deliver a lot of trouble. To painful sensations, accompanied by severe itching and flaking of the skin, can be added to small eruptions, which, in fact, cause pain .

It is very important to stress that without timely treatment and turning to the doctor, problems can easily become chronic, and then much harder to treat.

Plus inflammatory and infectious complications, which appear on the surface of penis, failure to observe simple rules of hygiene, will spread, gradually covering the surface of the head, and then the disease goes throughout the body of the penis, then his scrotum, and may start to penetrate the urethra and into the internal organs.

In General, any rash on the skin of the penis, and the early manifestations on the head, especially if peeling the skin of the prepuce, it is necessary to consult a doctor. First and foremost, the dermatologist and urologist.

Causes of rash and problems with the penis

As we have said, the reason that begins shearing the skin on the tip of my penis, it is possible to find in a specific disease, or it tells about ordinary-compliance with the banal rules of hygiene. Let's define the main reasons that can cause problems with the skin on the penis.

Candida balanoposthitis is probably the most common reason, which causes peeling skin on the tip of my penis. Candida balanoposthitis is the medical term in everyday life most often it is the disease known as thrush. It turns out that suffer from yeast infections not just women, but men, just men candidiasis is manifested not so bright.

In order that the candidiasis seems to be necessary in the fall of immunity, so as soon as the immune system weakens men, the penis begins to appear a fungal infection.

First we can note the appearance of discharge and itching, the skin on the tip of my penis is covered with a white coating andyou can see how it climbed.

Without treatment, the problem could become serious enough direction, for example, it can lead to phimosis, sometimes on the head of the penis may appear deep cracks that allow infections constantly, and we are faced with certain attached bacterial infections.

And in extreme cases permanent trauma to the head can even lead to early gangrene of the penis.

Further, we note that almost any chronic sexually transmitted diseases syphilis gonorrhea chlamydia can lead to shearing of the skin on the tip of my penis.

However, it should be clarified that this symptom is not an indicator to determine sexually transmitted disease, therefore, rather, he is simply present in the complex of all the issues that are caused venereology.

Another reason that peeling skin on the glans and foreskin can be a constant irritation that the penis gets from wearing tight clothes, especially tight synthetic underwear. You can talk about the fact that there is an allergic reaction to synthetics, which also leads to the fact that sloughs off the skin.

In more rare cases, this problem causes ringworm, which can appear on the scrotum, inner thighs and also on the surface of the penis and foreskin. It is often simple, but no less unpleasant head of the penis will cease to climb, is not to say that fixed the main problem.

Basically, the treatment is assigned to the following funds:

Preparations for the lifting of immunity. Here you can talk about vitamins and mineral complexes, are also required to comply with all doctor's recommendations for compliance with diet, everything should be subsumed under one goal — raising a weakened immune system.

Be sure to fulfill all the norms of hygiene, every day will need to take a warm bath with soap and water, and all hygiene items must be exclusively individual.

The affected area on the penis and also the head can be treated with an antiseptic, you can use chlorhexidine or Miramistin.

If the skin on the tip of my penis. not because of the rules of hygiene, and for specific sexually transmitted diseases, prescribes the treatment, which has primarily an impact on the underlying disease.

Possible complications

The most frightening for men complication can be called full or partial decrease in potency. Erection just disappears or is weakened, also begin to appear, problems with ejaculation.

As a result of loss of sensitivity on the glans is a gradual atrophy of all receptors of the penis.

Developsthe inflammatory process in the urethra, which affects the entire urinary system, when the patient while urinating is experiencing severe pain.


To avoid when will start to climb round the skin on the glans penis and foreskin, it is enough to observe a few simple rules of prevention. First, always observe good personal hygiene, and at least twice a day should be a toilet of genitals. Can be used as cosmetics and soap, the important thing to the genitals and scrotum were clean.

Should also with great care to treat unprotected sexual contact and avoid them. As you know sex not only brings pleasure, but also sexually transmitted diseases and fungal infections. In addition, you may receive If we are talking about certain diseases of the genital organs, the treatment should bring to an end, and in any case, the process is not interrupted half way.

In addition, you need to pay attention to the fact that an allergic reaction that can lead to coma, that can begin to travel the skin on the glans of penis can be the consequence of taking certain drugs. In other words, during treatment of venereal disease may appear some symptoms on the skin.

In conclusion we can say that the result of cutaneous manifestations, including on the glans penis, is a drop in immunity. You need to pay attention to the recovery of the immune system and maintain it at the proper level, and it is — exercise, fresh air, proper nutrition, diet, hardening.