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Why cracked skin on the fingers: cracks around the fingers and nails

It is the skin on the hands often is exposed to a variety of negative external factors. These include constant contact with water, outdoor pollution, certain household chemicals. Here it is worth to mention various skin diseases and vitamin deficiency, in which the skin starts to become dry and this causes cracks on the fingers.

Note that cracked skin on fingers, it's not just a problem of space character, it really gives the painful feeling that constant discomfort. The majority of cases the man makes with his hands, so cracks in the skin of the fingers immediately cause a huge amount of inconvenience.

Not a secret, but let's say that before you start the treatment of this disease, it is necessary to accurately determine the cause of cracks in the skin of the fingers, and it will have to visit a dermatologist.

Causes of cracked skin fingers

Reasons for the beginning of the appearance of cracks in the skin of the fingers quite a lot. As we have noted, this is mainly the contact of the skin with water. In addition, we note the following factors:

  • Contact with household chemicals.
  • A sharp change in climatic conditions.
  • The change of seasons.
  • Extreme levels of humidity.
  • Contact with various chemical substances, such as varnish, spray paint.

All these factors refer to external reasons for the appearance of cracks in the skin of the fingers. And recall that if skin not to care, to ignore the rules of hygiene this will also lead to overdrying the skin and the appearance of cracked.

There is a second category of reasons that cause cracking of the skin of the fingers. They include:

  • fungal infections,
  • almost all types of eczema, by the way, is great stuff — clean and complete cessation, and the elimination of contact of the skin with any chemicals.

    In addition, the hand wash can be recommended to use just soap or cosmetics, and certain herbal teas that promotes healing of fractures and also increase elasticity and moisture of the skin.

    The preparation of such broths is derived from herbs that have certain antiseptic action, for example, you can use plantain, Linden flower, chamomile. Recommended to keep your hands in this broth at least 10 minutes, then lubricate the skin nourishing emollient. It is also possible to use the most simple children's soap with chamomile.

    From the point of view of prevention, we need a normal, daily and thorough care of your skin In the first place it concerns the use of creams that have moisturizing and nourishing effects on theskin. They are designed to eliminate rudeness, and most importantly, eliminate dryness of the skin, which ultimately prevents cracking.

    Moisturizing and nourishing remedies for the skin helps the epidermis to regenerate faster, thus quickly heal any wound and inflammation. Also recommended to use a special ointment crackles, such funds can be bought in almost any pharmacy, they are sold without a doctor's prescription.

    Recommended to apply special creams on the skin before going to sleep, such funds have a fatty basis and while a person is asleep, continue to nourish the skin. If you do not buy a special night cream, you can use ordinary baby.

    However, if cracks in the skin of the hands become regular and become a deep, prolonged character, then this is the reason for going to the dermatologist. In one case, a great help to the treatment of ointments and also medicinal drugs separately, we note that if the cause of the cracks is a fungal infection. The home treatment without an accurate diagnosis, maybe the problem is only getting worse. Mycosis is always subsets the fact that the Next recipe will use a special compressor oil for this first you have to keep your hands warm in the bath, literally for 5 minutes, then carefully to dry and begin to RUB the skin a little heated vegetable oil.

    You can use sea buckthorn, castor, or olive oil, then dress cotton gloves and in this state the hands should stay all night. Generally, the use of the oil helps almost any problems with the epidermis, even itching in the nervous system lowers.

    Great also the face mask of curd and butter, it has a remarkable healing effect on the skin. For its preparation you need 50 grams of cottage cheese mix with half teaspoon of vegetable oil, and the resulting mask is superimposed on the half hour on the skin, and then removed and hands are lubricated with a nourishing cream.