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Perianal dermatitis

Under perianal dermatitis need to understand the disease that is characterized by inflammation of the skin around the anus. The disease can manifest swelling, excessive redness and unbearable itching. By its nature, the dermatitis may be:

  • allergic;
  • fungal;
  • bacterial;
  • contact.

Occur the disease may result in various inflammations in the gut, symptoms of hemorrhoids, anal fissures and in the background a lot.

Peculiarities of perianal dermatitis

The disease can affect people irrespective of their activities and lifestyle, however, in most of the cases the cause becomes insufficient and poor personal hygiene.

In adults, the dermatitis such a plan is quite often accompanied by abnormalities of the rectum and also colon. More frequent violations of the microflora and the diseases associated with anal passage.

Statistics show that more than 6 percent of cases of the disease coincide with the period of Candida of intestinal dysbiosis. In such situations, it is important to seek help not only the dermatologist but also the gynecologist.

Why is perianal dermatitis?

The factors that cause dermatitis include all effects on the anal area. This can not only irritants, but also violations of the observance of rules of personal hygiene. In addition, the disease can begin to actively manifest itself in protracted diarrhoea, and the influence on the anus irritating chemicals. There were cases, when the cause of such trouble was underwear made from synthetic materials.

If a person suffers from these disorders: colitis, ulcerative colitis, Crohn's disease, or abscess in these cases, it may start the spread of inflammation to perianal region. As a result, begins to develop perianal dermatitis, which can also be caused by hemorrhoids or pinworms.

Damage the skin around the anus may occur bacterial or fungal dermatitis, and also abscessed pustulezny. The latter is characterized by the introduction of the hair in the anal area and their breaking. This happens after a long ride on horseback or by car.

As with any other disease, perianal dermatitis need to be considered against the General state of the organism. If the person is prone to allergic reactions and the body's defenses are lowered, then in such cases, significantly increases the likelihood of dermatitis anal area as pictured. In addition, seriously degrade the overall condition of the body can also various infections.

Symptoms perianal dermatitis

If we talk aboutthe main symptoms , perianal dermatitis appears as follows, it is characterized by: swelling, redness, tenderness and other changes on the skin of the anal region. Quite often, itching can be pronounced than to actively exacerbate the course of illness. It is for this reason that the affected area is constantly injured, as well as annoyed and causes pain in the process of defecation.

If perianal dermatitis caused by bacteria, it runs in the background of not only redness, but also the possible occurrence of small-size vesicles or even pustules with pus, as in the photo. Disease inherent to erosion and affected areas of the skin can be wet and for that reason, constantly be covered in itchy scabs.

For fungal dermatitis of the anal region characteristic scalloped (wavy) edge in those places where the activation of the inflammatory process. In addition, this disease has a strong peeling and the occurrence of plaque is a whitish color. He usually concentrated along the places where there is an inflammatory process and is accompanied by the appearance of pustules and vesicles, treatment varies, taking into account the circumstances.

For allergic dermatitis have severe itching, resulting in the observed formation of papular neoplasms with serous content in them. The opening of such papules leads to the appearance of the erosions and treatment of complicated. Often a Doctor determines a patient has comorbidities, for example, intestinal. After that, carried out inspection of the anal region and sets the scale of the inflammatory process, the skin condition contact dermatitis seats as pictured. In addition, for the doctor it will be important to examine the patient for the presence of his hemorrhoids, hemorrhoids or fissures.

All causes of dermatitis of this type can be ascertained by scraping. It is also necessary to make a bacteriological study, which is aimed at the study of the smear of the anus and discharge from this area of skin elements. In the next step the analysis of the material for pinworms. The doctor may additionally recommend the patient to pass the stool for analysis for the presence in the body dysbiosis.

If you have not installed comorbidities, their presence can be diagnosed by:

  • ultrasound examination;
  • colonoscopy;
  • sigmoidoscopy;
  • coprogram;
  • radiography (with barium);
  • the barium enema.

The delicate treatment of this disease?

To effectively get rid of perianal dermatitis to act on the basis of the overall picture itappearance and trends, but with the exception of other related diseases, so treatment will be correct.

If the problem started because of the lack of hygiene of the affected area, often the treatment methods, which will be reduced to their quality compliance. The doctor will recommend lingerie made from natural cotton fabrics, because it will not have adverse and irritation to the crotch.

If you are experiencing severe itching and rash on the skin when such dermatitis, it is important to apply for its high-quality facilitate special antihistamines that will also be prescribed by the attending physician.

In addition, sufficiently effective and can be used in various ointments and baths. If the nature of perianal bacterial dermatitis, it is assumed the need of opening available in the affected areas of pustules and their subsequent processing. This procedure is carried out using special disinfectants and anti-bacterial ointments. If the disease was caused by fungal infections anal region, then, will be applied antifungal medicine.

There have been cases when dermatitis the anus is only a symptom of another disease, then in such situations, doctors choose the appropriate treatment.. It will be primarily aimed at getting rid of the main disease, and perianal dermatitis and its symptoms will be treated after.

If a person has characteristic perianal dermatitis symptoms, then it is recommended to seek qualified medical help before the moment you start complications. Efficiently help to establish the diagnosis and to start treatment will help a proctologist and a dermatologist.