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Spots after giving birth to face: how to get rid of

Pregnancy and childbirth is a serious burden on the female body. During pregnancy there is a complete restructuring of all systems of life and hormonal levels. The result is frequent change of mood, malaise and dizziness, as well as the changing appearance of the expectant mother, then there is a rash on the face.

Very often during pregnancy on the face, the skin of the back and abdomen appear dark spots , so called age spots. Their appearance is directly related to the hormonal background of women during pregnancy and after childbirth.

When fade pigmentation spots

All changes occurring in a woman's body during pregnancy, the phenomenon is not permanent. This also applies to the appearance of age spots. As a rule, excess weight, flabbiness of the abdominal muscles, the hormone level comes to normal three months after delivery. During this period of time and fade pigmentation spots on the face.

If the majority of pigmentation appearing on the face during pregnancy does not pass, it is not a reason to be upset. Modern cosmetology allows you to get rid of age spots and bring back the beauty of the skin.

How to prevent the appearance of pigmentation during pregnancy

All changes in the pregnant woman's body is inevitable. In order for the pregnancy proceeded without complications and the child was born healthy, important for a woman to comply with diet and rest, eat as many vitamins and fresh air.

Recommendations that will help reduce the chance of pigmentation during pregnancy:

  • outside the building must be protected from sunlight. You should use protective lipstick and sun cream for body;
  • to include in your diet as much as possible greens, vegetables, fruits, fish and meat. All these products will fill the body with the necessary amounts of vitamins. Especially during pregnancy green leafy vegetables. But the consumption of vegetable oil better to reduce;
  • during pregnancy it is better not to experiment with makeup. Very often, previously unused resources can cause an allergic reaction and the appearance of age spots;
  • to drink more pure water. Reduce consumption of coffee and tea;
  • do not expose your body stress;
  • the entire period of pregnancy should monitor the functioning of the thyroid gland. Crashing in her work leads to dark spots on the skin.

How to get rid of skin pigmentation during pregnancy

Regardless of the condition of the woman naturally her desire to be beautiful and well-groomed. The appearance of age spots on the face spoils not only the appearance, but also affect the emotional state of a pregnant woman. To completely get rid ofpigmentation during pregnancy is unlikely, but to make them less noticeable.

By purchasing any cosmetic product or choosing a treatment, is to consult with your doctor about what kind of reaction on the body and on the unborn child it can have. It is not recommended to make a decision, because it can hurt the baby.

Choosing any salon procedure, you must consult a doctor who will perform it. It is necessary to tell the specialist about the pregnancy.

To lighten age spots you can use more gentle products. These include folk remedies: infusions, lotions and masks.

Some recipes of traditional medicine in the fight against pigment spots.

Parsley chop, squeeze the juice. Juice to use for wiping leather. It can also be taken orally. It is rich in vitamins and helps to significantly lighten dark spots.

Parsley you can make a lightening lotion. For this you need to fill with greens or parsley root with alcohol and insist 10 days in a dark and cool place. To use this lotion you twice a day.

Well lightens the skin and juice of citrus, such as lemon or grapefruit. It is sufficient to spread it over the skin and after 20 minutes rinse with warm water. This recipe is particularly suited to owners of oily skin. Juice will not only lighten the skin but will also help to reduce pores.

Slurry from the pulp of cucumber nourishes the skin and helps to combat pigment spots. To use this mask is recommended twice a week. Your home-made cucumber lotion are a great alternative to a mask and use it daily, however, and If the disease is absent, then you can resort to salon procedures lighten age spots. You need to pay attention to more gentle methods that will not harm either the mother or her baby. Especially popular when removing age spots are currently cream and the peeling. Good results can be achieved after multiple sessions of chemical or laser peeling.

However, the result will be positive, subject to the availability of a good beautician. You should take a responsible approach to the choice of the beauty salon and the master. Not superfluous to read reviews about the salon or ask around about him from friends, and only then make the decision to get rid of stains. After all, not professional cosmetologist can lead to bad results.

As adjuvant therapy to fight spots on the skin and on the face you can use the well-known folk remedies. They will not replace lightening creams and cosmetic procedures, but will help to achieve faster results.

As already mentioned, the pigment spots on the face duringpregnancy is a temporary phenomenon. They are easy to get rid of in the home, and with the help of salon procedures. Pregnancy adorns any woman, it is a wonderful moments of her life and spots not the cause of the disorder