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Skin peeling on the penis

Skin peeling on the surface of the penis is a rather unpleasant problem of the skin that occurs in a large number of men. What causes this pathology of the skin, and what to do with it, let's talk today in the article below.

Above all, however, just note that when you see the skin peeling on the penis should contact the medical facility and not be concerned with the formulation of self-diagnosis and self-treatment. By itself, the process of peeling of the skin on the penis is the rejection of dead particles of the epidermis is the upper skin cells, which are called "epithelium". Peeling skin on the glans, on the trunk of the foreskin.

Risk factors that lead to flaking

First and foremost, the risk factors that lead to peeling skin on the penis, within the purview of the promiscuous as well as this failure to observe the simple rules of intimate hygiene for men or women who are sexual partner.

However, this is not the only factors and causes that lead to occurrence of peeling on the skin.

Consider the main causes of peeling skin, because among them are quite unpleasant and dangerous diseases.


In some cases, the peeling on the skin of the penis is a manifestation of such diseases as psoriasis.

In this case, along with the peeling skin you can diagnose the appearance of a pimple on the glans penis, which are combined with areas of redness.

Such sites always have clear boundaries, and the peeling itself does not bring subjective feelings, but tends to strengthen in the winter time.

Genital herpes

Genital herpes, another extremely unpleasant disease, which manifests on the penis. In this case, there are manifestations in the form of bubbles with bloody or completely clear fluid inside the rash. After these small blisters burst, in their place, begins to form erosive areas that can crack and peel.

In some cases, in their place, can form warts. Genital herpes must be treated as in itself a pathological process may be involved and the prostate. However, I must say that peeling for genital herpes on the skin of the penis is not the main symptom.

Skin disease

Skin disease can be defined as a group of diseases, which can be: inguinal athlete's foot and ringworm. These diseases occur on the penis in the form of plots of the affected skin with redness, rash, small cracks. You can also dry or Vice versa,strong humidity in the inflammation.

Just note that any skin disorders, which manifests itself in the form of peeling, requires treatment in a medical facility, and only after accurate diagnosis.


Candidiasis, or as they call it disease – thrush is one of the most common causes that result in the skin of the penis starts peeling. There are several basic symptoms that immediately indicate the manifestation of yeast infection in men:

  • On the skin of the penis redness,
  • can often accompanied by a yeast infection itching
  • there are small micro cracks
  • skin peeling
  • at the head of the penis there is swelling,
  • under the foreskin forms a cheesy discharge.

The most specific symptom, which instantly indicates the development of fungal diseases, it is unpleasant pungent odor of secretions from the penis. Here can also be symptoms of erectile dysfunction, and pain or discomfort during and after intercourse. In addition to the TGO with a yeast infection sometimes In this case, the peeling on the skin can be removed simply, you need to start taking multivitamin complexes, as well as to review diet and Supplement it with the following products.

  • nuts;
  • apples;
  • carrots;
  • meat;
  • eggs;
  • cheese;
  • olive oil;
  • greens.

Violation of the rules of intimate hygiene

Peeling the skin of the penis is directly related to the violation of the rules of intimate hygiene. The fact that the resources allocated from the penis grease and also sperm during ejaculation combined with urine, can form a beautiful and favorable environment for the development of different bacterial infections. For the same reasons developing In the first stages of the disease when there are swelling, peeling and other pathological signs. They are eliminated by means of the local impact, it is ointments and creams. The most popular and effective among protivodiabeticheskih drugs are:

  • Clotrimazole,
  • Nystatin,
  • Amphotericin B,
  • Fluconazole,
  • Levorin,
  • Ketoconazole.

It is also important to eliminate the flaking use vitamin and immunomodulatory complexes.

If the message is a consequence of the herpes infection, it is necessary to use antiviral drugs, the most common and effective tool in the fight against herpes is Acyclovir. Here is just the ideal information from the article — Genital herpes: symptoms, origin, ways of transmission.

If the diagnosis indicates a deficiency of vitamins, treatment for peeling skin on the penis is directly connected with replenishmentstocks of all vitamins and minerals required by the body. As we have mentioned above, this can be as medications in the form of multivitamin complexes, balanced diet in which all the necessary vitamins.

And the ending will add once again that regardless of treatment, and the causes of peeling on the skin, effective relief will be achieved only by observance of rules of personal intimate hygiene.