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Peeling of the skin on the testicles in men: why dry scrotum

The skin on the scrotum may be completely different lesions. It can be microtrauma as a result of shaving may be skin several ogrubevaet. This man, of course, is experiencing some subjective feeling from this whole process.

In addition, peeling can be similar to dandruff, at least, outwardly it looks that way and the scales fall away from the surface of the skin, like dandruff, often remaining on the linen and underwear.

If we talk about subjective feelings, there are itching, which is always a characteristic desquamation of the skin. And considering that the skin on the scrotum is very tender, itching is not just can be unbearable, but also lead to involuntary and uncontrolled combing.

The danger in this case lies in wait for man in skin damage, as with scratching, you can add a bacterial infection, say, staphylococci are not asleep!

In the end, on the scrotum may appear

Treatment of mycosis should be done only after an accurate diagnosis, which puts the dermatologist. The course of treatment lasts an average of two months, and, as with any athlete it is necessary to clarify that the treatment should be carried out to the end.

The important message here is the process exactly, as many patients stop treatment at the first signs of improvement In this case, we can expect a rapid recurrence, after which the fungus becomes harder to treat. The treatment involved drugs proteoliticheskaja wing, which can be in the form peroralnyh funds, and in the form of creams and ointments for external use.

In the first case, is often a pill of fluconazole, which adopted the scheme developed by Dr. in the second, ointment Clotrimazole, lamisil, drug zistan, Travocort, Triderm.

That is interesting, but one of the tools that can help with the peeling if we are not talking about the fungal infection is the most common cream that can moisturize the skin of the scrotum for two weeks.

Dermatitis and atopic dermatitis

A further cause peeling of the skin on the testicles no less unpleasant and suggests that the patient developed dermatitis, a skin disease that causes changes of the epidermis. Unfortunately, this disease is quite difficult and long treated, and in the therapy ointment with steroid based.

What is

In the first case, the mange will manifest not only on the scrotum, but in other parts of the body, so to diagnose it tricks scabies is quite simple. However, the treatment is very simple, simply to make a complete disinfection of the apartment and personal belongings, and struck andadjacent areas of the skin to apply a special sulphur ointment.

The second option is head lice, or pubic lice. Unpleasant, but not dangerous diagnosis. Pick up a parasite simply from a sexual partner, or through household contact with personal belongings of the infected.