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Lose the sweat glands, which results in the formation of tumors apocrine character, called syringomas. The disease rarely may degenerate into a malignant tumor, for it is such a rebirth in General is not typical, so it belongs to the class of benign tumors.

Most often appearance syringoma can be diagnosed in women. In addition, the tumor occurs in adolescents at the first stage of puberty and in the elderly.


The exact causes that lead to the emergence of this neoplasm, and has not been studied. However, most doctors agree that the aggravating factors there may be a violation of the sweating, which increase the activity of sweat glands.

There are also certain genetic predisposition to formation of syringoma:

  • Diabetes. In this case, doctors also can not give the exact cause and to determine the relationship between diabetes and syringomas, however, note that the neoplasm is almost every patient with diabetes.
  • Down Syndrome. A violation in the activities of chromosomes down's syndrome have an impact on the functioning of the sweat glands, leading to the formation of syringoma.
  • The Marfan Syndrome. The syndrome leads to disruption of the connective tissue in the sweat glands, and this, in turn, provokes the development syringoma.
  • Syndrome Ehlers-Danlos. The disease is inherited and is caused by lesions of the connective tissue, which leads also to the formation of syringoma.

Clinical manifestations

Most often, when syringoma rashes can be observed on the skin of the eyelids and the chest. However, it is possible to notice syringoma and neck, arms, belly. Much less likely to have these tumors in the region of the penis.

The main symptom is the appearance of syringoma is the emergence of multiple tumor formations, represented by oval or round shape. The size of the tumor is rarely larger than a pinhead. Note some of the features:

  • However, there are cases when the tumor grew to the size of a walnut.
  • Most often, the tumor can be painted in pink color, and only occasionally in sinusno red.
  • Note that syringoma has a dense texture and smooth surface.
  • In most tumors have no tendency to merge. .
  • The tumor, reaching a certain size ceases to grow for a long time and becomes stationary on the size of the tumor.

Note that independently of syringoma does not pass, at least in medicine, such cases are not recorded.

Important! We emphasize that syringoma not able to cause brandany subjective sensations, that is, no itching, no pain. If present, the neoplasm does not apply to syringoma.


Methods of treatment syringoma chosen based on the lesion and also on the basis of the General condition of the patient. Note the most frequently used methods:

Surgical diathermy syringoma. In the method for treatment uses machines that produce high frequency currents force 3-5 amps. The currents of syringoma heated to 60-80 degrees. As a result, the protein begins to coagulate and destroy the tissue of the tumor. Failure occurs under local anesthesia.

natural remains a stain, and pigmentation disappears in a few weeks.

Laser therapy. It is a modern method which is increasingly used to remove syringoma. My method has almost no contraindications, it is well tolerated by patients. Plus, the laser beam has an impact solely on syringoma, without affecting the surrounding tissue.

Surgical curettage, as a method for removing syringoma today has been used very rarely, as it is associated with high tissue trauma, plus, in the field of surgical intervention may remain scars.

Important! Regardless of the chosen method of removing syringoma, you must carefully care for the wound after removal of the tumor. Categorically it is not recommended to use antiseptic alcohol-aggressive settings, for example, iodine or hydrogen peroxide. You must handle the deletion point solcoseryl ointment or equivalent – levamisole.

Folk remedies

In principle, syringoma deleted it by medical means, however, if there are contraindications, you can try and traditional methods. Just here it should be noted that a quick result can not count.

In the treatment you can use:

Dandelion root, both fresh and dry. Of cooked infusion which is drunk once a day before sleep.

In General, the prognosis of the treatment syringoma is always positive, reaching a certain size of syringoma is no longer growing, so its removal has only cosmetic needs.