Datafit: instructions for use Duftafeet spray for feet and shoes

Any unpleasant smell can come from the legs, probably everyone knows. But many people wonder about the true reason for this "flavor"?

Someone can say: his feet smell only of unscrupulous people. However, this is not the case.

That is, there is, of course, is, but many people suffering from an unpleasant odor from the feet, enough time and money paid to hygiene.

For the development process, whereby the legs of a man exude an unpleasant odor, there are several reasons.

The cause of bad breath

Some people tend to think that the stench of feet is due to a strong perspiration. However, this view is incorrect. When moisture from the human body secretes naturally, it is not accompanied by a sharp and unpleasant smell.

For example, in the bath or sauna, people sweat a lot too, but there's a similar effect is not observed. But it is only the person to spend a whole day wearing shoes, and even in synthetic footwear – bad to the nose sensations provided.

It is for this reason that non-evaporated sweat becomes a favorable environment for the formation and reproduction of bacteria that have a different nature and are sources of various diseases.

If the skin of the feet or nails have fungus feet will smell much stronger, and lose to spread more intense.

The most common reasons due to which the legs are not just unpleasant smell, and stink, are:

  1. Fungal diseases.
  2. Synthetic shoes.
  3. Some of the features of the body.
  4. A way of life.

How to deal with an unpleasant odor

спрей DuftaFeetAll bottles, dispensers can be refilled again, since they do not use propellants.

DuftaFeet is a deodorant that cares about the comfort of the person. It from feet, clothes and shoes eliminates unpleasant smell of sweat, especially if sweating. It is the perfect solution for sports, leisure and textile clothing.

Potential customers:

  • dance sections;
  • bowling centers;
  • rolling shoes;
  • ski rentals;
  • rental rolls;
  • ice rinks;
  • sport clubs;
  • cleaning;
  • horse clubs;
  • working rubber shoes.

Reviews of people who have experienced the action of the spray

Svetlana is 28 years old Omsk:

The problem of the unpleasant smell it hurts me to be a very long time, more precisely, without it I can not remember. I work in the office and are always in full view of a large number of people. Because in the winter the room is very warm, have to wear thin sweaters, but they very quickly appear unpleasant and bad-smelling stains.

A friend advised me to buy deodorant for feet,shoes and apparel DuftaFeet. I bought because the price seemed reasonable. Since then I enough. The problem of the unpleasant smell from underarms and legs had vanished. Thanks to the producers!

Vyacheslav, 30 years old Nizhny-Novgorod:

I work in a large Corporation. My working day is not normalized, often to meet with suppliers and customers. Light sandals will not wear. The day foot rot so that in the evening the smell of them is unbearable.

That after work I'd go to a friend's house may not be out of the question – this is embarrassing. About the problem didn't tell anyone, but the solution found by chance on the Internet. It came to me in the form of a spray DuftaFeet for shoes and feet.

First I read the reviews, they seemed convincing. I ordered a bottle, now he is with me all the time, without it I can not imagine my life. And most importantly, the tool does not dangerous to health.

The video in this article we will talk about the benefits of spray.