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Deleks-acne acne: feedback about the lotion and the gel Forte

Acne, or “black spots” – are familiar to many disease as adults, and Teens, delivering not only physical but also moral discomfort.

To pimples and acne are more prone oily and combination skin, since the presence of sebaceous cysts or comedones promotes the growth of pathogenic bacteria, resulting in inflammation of the skin and the appearance of “black spots”. With the right beauty skin care these problems can be avoided.

Acne can develop into demodicosis – a skin disease caused by reproduction in the sebaceous glands of the skin of Demodex mites that feed on sebaceous secretions.

The disease causes severe inflammation of the skin and repeated acne rash.

Traditional methods in the treatment of acne acceptable, but less effective than existing medicines. Developed professional facilities funds to combat skin diseases.

Widespread medical cosmetic series Deleks-acne.

Products Deleks-acne

A series of Deleks-acne produced by the firm of Halsey-gel” in Russia. By all means have a state registration certificate and relevant certificates of quality.

Professionals carefully selected the products available care products for all types of skin, fight acne and restore the skin after it.

In line Deleks-acne no rich cream, which cause clogging of the pores and as a consequence provoke the active growth of pathogenic bacteria. The series includes gels and lotions.

Lotions are used to cleanse the skin, and gels for the elimination of the inflammatory process. The gel hydration designed to restore deep tissue, to remove paleographie scars.

The line of products Deleks-acne are:

  • lotion for cleansing;
  • lotion for skin prone to oily, problematic skin;
  • gel against acne;
  • gel Forte acne;
  • gel for moistening.


Optimally matched components of drugs indicated for use for both adults and adolescents. Cosmetics used for the treatment of acne and its consequences.

In the product of Deleks-acne includes:

  • vitamin E, coenzyme Q, allantoin, with beneficial effects on the skin;
  • extracts of nettle, calendula, Echinacea, with the effect against the inflammation;
  • components of sulfur, which has anti-inflammatory properties and exfoliating;
  • menthol, have a tonic effect;
  • boric, salicylic, citric acids, which are powerful antiseptics;
  • hyaluronic acid, restores tissue.

ToolsDeleks-acne unlike other medical cosmetics do not contain in its composition no antibiotics, no hormones, and only organic ingredients.

The maximum effect is achieved when the integrated use of drugs.

Cleansing deleks acne lotion

A lotion designed to cleanse all types of skin and prevention of acne, particularly beneficial effect on the skin, prone to fat and acne.

Tool gently cleanses the skin from ugrai has a delicate texture. After the skin is ready to apply other products of this line. Reviews he, by the way, very nice and it fits perfectly after Specially selected ingredients of the gel help to restore the normal function of sebaceous glands, the elimination of the inflammatory process, leveling the surface of the skin and give it a fresh look without acne, and what the reviews say.

As a result of application of the line equipment, the skin becomes healthy, clean and without acne.

Method of application: apply gel in a thin layer on clean skin 2 times a day. Configuration issue: a tube with a volume of 30 ml.

The Gel-Forte

The gel has a high sulfur content and antibacterial ingredient triclosan, which is known antibacterial and antifungal properties and powerful anti-inflammatory effect. The gel should be applied acupressure movements on the affected area or directly on the abscess, evidenced by the numerous positive reviews patients.

Available in tubes with a volume of 20 ml.

Gel moisturizing

For acne the skin has a rough, therefore, if not proper cleansing can form scars.

In the struggle with acne well apply a moisturizing gel that will eliminate the problem and further prevention of its occurrence.

The gel is sulfur, menthol, extracts of pharmaceutical herbs, coenzymes, vitamins, hyaluronic acid. Has antibacterial, bactericidal, nourishing, moisturizing properties, promotes skin regeneration, smoothing of scars, eliminates peeling, enhances firmness and elasticity. Product form: tube of 30 ml.


Consumers of cosmetics are celebrating its high quality, effectiveness in treating acne and even demodicosis, a beneficial effect on the skin and rapid recovery after treatment. Enlarged pores on the face narrowed and become less noticeable.

After applying the gel, there is a slight chill on the skin, the gel is instantly absorbed, without leaving an oily residue, and imparts a matte finish. There are some comments that the green gel is visible on the skin.

Moisturizing gel line of products is a perfect base under makeup.

When applying the gel has a pleasant smell, and later appearsthe sharp smell of sulfur.

Some people noted the cessation of appearance of new inflammations on the skin after two or three applications in the set of lotion and gel, and with longer use, the skin becomes smooth and much cleaner, and evens the complexion.

Also noted the reasonable price of cosmetic products in the series. During the course of the application should stop wearing jewelry made of silver, as from exposure to sulfur they fade.

Gel acne cream acne dry the skin, therefore, after its application, you should apply the gel to hydrate a series of Deleks-acne or other drug moisturizing action.


For maximum effect in the treatment and skin care require an integrated approach to the use of a series of Deleks-acne. Before applying to the skin the gels, it should be cleaned with lotion that will complement the therapeutic properties of the gel.

Pale green color of the gel after application to the inflamed nodules gets the color of healthy skin, that is, creates the effect of the corrector. If you apply the gel on acne scars, it is possible to promptly restore the skin after the disease.

Side effects

Information about any Allergy symptoms is not. Contraindications to the use are not available, in rare cases, there may be manifestations of hypersensitivity to some ingredients in them are hypersensitive. Possible feeling of tightness of the skin, slight rejection of skin flakes, redness.