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How to treat burns at home: chemical, thermal, solar

For small burns wounds is often delayed in very quickly and be delayed on their own, without medical intervention, using unless home remedies.

However, serious injuries to the skin in need of urgent medical help. But before we do that we need to be able to provide first aid for burns.

First aid for burns

The first step in first aid for burns you must stop the action of a substance causing a burn to the skin is not formed swelling.

  • Thermal or thermal burns should be as soon as possible to extinguish the resulting flames with a blanket or stream of water. When burning clothing on a person can not run, the flame is not grown. You need to stop, to fall to the ground and ride on it until the flame is completely extinguished.
  • When scalding the skin with boiling water the affected area of skin should be put under a powerful stream of cold water and keep under water ten to twenty minutes. The ice at the same time to make no need.
  • With electrical burns should be immediately disconnected from the power source, check his breathing and heartbeat. In the absence of breathing or heartbeat, it is important to be able to render first aid before arrival of doctors.
  • In chemical burns can be caused by both chemical substances and natural products such as chili pepper, which can cause severe irritation of the skin. Before you provide first aid, you need to find out what substance caused the burn, to choose the correct method of neutralization.
  • Burns from contact with hot resin or plastic have burned the place to substitute under a stream of water to reduce the temperature of the resin or plastic trapped on the skin.

After neutralization causes the burn it is necessary to examine the victim for other damages, if, for example, a person had an accident or became victims in the fire.

In the annealed region of the skin you need to remove all jewelry and clothing. In case the fabric from the clothes stuck to the body, it is better not to tear, and gently cut off the fabric around the stuck area and remove.

Rings, bracelets and other tight jewelry should be removed in case will begin swelling the skin, then remove them to be hard. It is also important to be aware of the degrees and types of burns, and this will help For wound healing effective are products containing aloe Vera, which also relieve swelling and relieve pain.

Including for this purpose, apply hydrocortisone cream, which is applied on the affected area of the skin. However, this cream cannot be used for the treatment of children under two years of age.

Sunburn in a short time starts to peel off the skin,causing discomfort and itching. However, this natural process of renewal of the skin, therefore avoiding it will not succeed.

Itching help stop special lotions or ointments. Including quick healing will help decoction of chamomile.

In solar and other burns first and second degree may experience pain, which you can suppress with the help of certain medicines. These drugs can be purchased in any pharmacy without prescription. However, it is advisable to consult a doctor before applying them.

Will help to ease the pain of burns drugs such as:

  • Acetaminophen,
  • Tylenol,
  • Panadol,
  • The paracetamol.
  • Including used non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs Ibuprofen, Aspirin and Naproxen.

In the treatment of a child, should the doctor find out the exact dose of medication required to get rid of the burn, and to select one drug.

With self-use of drugs sold meringue a prescription, follow basic safety precautions and to strictly follow the instructions given.

Important! Apply the treatment specified in the description, to avoid an overdose or other side effects.

In case of allergic reactions, the drug should immediately cancel and choose another way of treatment or cure. If you have any doubts you should call your doctor and clarify the rules of the drug.

Pregnant women without the advice of the doctor can only take Acetaminophen. While aspirin is contraindicated for children and people up to 20 years. Interesting and useful information in the material On the damaged area when cold temperatures may occur frostbite. Including the newly acquired burn, you need to hide from sunlight, so as not to get a new burn.

After policeware wounds and healing of burns is important when being in the sun use creams or oil to protect from the sun, with the SPF index of at least 30.

Harmful habits such as Smoking, reduces the blood flow, thereby slowing the recovery process of skin tissues and wound healing.