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What to do for sunburn: first aid and treatment

Sunlight can be tricky, especially at times of solar activity when it is not recommended to stay long in the sun. While the person is under the sun, the rays slowly warm the skin. It is very difficult to notice when the skin appears sunburned man it does not feel pain and heat.

Skin injuries due to burns from exposure to sunlight itch, and in some cases can be dangerous for health.

Signs of sunburn

To feel the appearance of sunburn only half an hour later, when the skin redness and it is itchy. The degree of redness depends on the degree of injury to the skin and features of the supplying system. As a result of burn the skin slightly swells, becomes hot, dry and rough. On the skin feels itchy, tingling, light fever.

As a result of severe burns on the skin formed red spots and blisters. Smaller blisters may occur immediately, but after a while, when the skin starts to flake. Large blisters with fluid inside is highly dangerous to health. After they burst, the skin layers are exposed and can form a large painful wound, available to microbes. Typically, these sunburns heal for a very long time, and if you have them in the sun to be banned.

In some cases, sunburn may be accompanied by increased body temperature, causing a person's a fever, headache and loss of consciousness. Rarely sunburns cause vomiting and nausea, which is the first symptom of lesions of the nervous system.

Going on vacation with children, it is important to carefully monitor the condition of their skin as young skin sunburn appears faster. While the effects of the burn stand is much harder than an adult. Definitely need to be aware of burns in General, and solar in particular, in order to correctly make a decision, and this is good to study the information on our website — If you burn to cool the skin to stop the release of moisture from the body. For this purpose, use any fabric, which is moistened in cold water and applied to the burn for twenty to thirty minutes. Severe pain and burning better to take Analgin or Baralgin. It is also important to drink to restore the natural water balance is lost as a result of fluid loss.

You need to drink at least a liter of mineral water. Additionally, during the day you should drink juices, take vitamins to strengthen the immune system. This will allow the body to recover and bounce back, and lesions on the skin quickly disappear. After it is necessary to begin treatment of a wound on the skin.


Before be treated with special medication wound from a sunburn, it is important to ensure that the inner skin is not damaged. Blisters on the skin at the same can not be opened. Upon detection of a gap in the area of the blister should be treated with a skin disinfectant that the microbes could not seep into the wound.

The medical establishment in this case treat the skin around the wound with alcohol, and the wound carefully so as not to cause pain, promocoes Furacilinum. After that, tabinoyado wound with a sterile bandage. Every four days should make the dressing. If sunburn is less severe, the skin is moistened with water or a vitamin solution.

With the defeat of the skin by sunlight when you touch the person experiences pain, so it is best to handle the affected areas to use sprays for burns is treatment creams. Effective means are at hand Panthenol, produced in bottles of sprays. Their composition included not only medical and moisturizers, but also vitamin B5 that promotes rapid healing of wounds.

To reduce itching and discomfort you can use a medical ointment Diclofenac or Indomethacin, which has analgesic effects on the skin and relieve swelling. While easier and more efficient to use candles of Indomethacin than ointment. To buy drugs at any pharmacy.

Many believe that the formation of sunburn the wound should be lubricated, but it is not a true statement. The fact that the first day after the formation of the burn, the skin should be kept dry, to the skin surface can form a dry crust.

Meanwhile, the fat from sea buckthorn oil or any other oil on the skin creates a thin layer in the form of a film, which does not allow the wound to heal. In addition, the oil is the perfect breeding ground for germs and bacteria that may be dangerous to health. In this respect you must know how to treat burns at home.

In this regard, the best option would be to leave the wound untouched, than to use for healing any more oil money. Sea buckthorn and also other vitamin oil skin can lubricate a few days later, when the wound heals. This will reduce inflammation and will ease the pain.