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How to treat 2nd degree burn at home

The burn of 2 degrees is always quite easy to determine even on their own, primarily due to the typical external manifestation of that damage.

In the burn of 2 degrees there is damage to the epidermis, which leads to swelling and redness of the skin. In addition, impaired capillary permeability and their extension, this leads to the formation on the skin blisters filled with turbid fluid.

As a rule, the formation of blisters on the skin can be expected almost immediately after receiving the burn of 2 degrees. After some time the blisters opened and in their place is a bright red wound. The healing of the skin at the site of damage occurs within up to 2 weeks.

Burn 2nd degree injuries are superficial in nature, as it is not damaged germ layer of the epidermis timely and adequate burn treatment 2nd degree leads to spontaneous recovery and complete regeneration of the skin, while scars are not formed.

When a small area of damage to the skin burn, 2nd degree, treatment can be done successfully and independently. In order not to get infected through damaged skin will need to be careful.

Treatment in a medical institution will be necessary in the case if the blisters will occupy more than 10% of the skin on the body of an adult and more than 2% of an integument in a child.

In addition, seeking medical care is necessary, if the burn affects in the field, as hands and face, groin.

Note also that the second-degree burns cause severe pain, which can be described as sharp and burning. When significant lesions of the skin, the patient may fall into burn shock and burn disease. This is quite a serious complications and they also need to be an indication for hospitalization of the patient.

First aid for burns 2 degrees

Emergency treatment of the burn of 2 degrees to begin with, the affected surface of the skin is cooled. This measure leads to the fact that the lesions of the skin from the burn stops.

The fact that after contact with the high temperature of the damaged tissue of the skin for several more minutes, continue to heat up and resolved, causing the patient to strong burning pain.

To cool the damaged surface of the skin, you can apply a piece of ice or place the affected skin under a stream of cold running water.

Naturally, the water pressure to be weak, so as not to lead to increased pain. The impact of cold on the affected area should last from 15 to 30 minutes until, until the patient feels numbness inthe affected area.

Once the burn is cooled, in a sterile bandage. In order to minimize pain and easy and painless to do further processing on the damaged skin, gauze and a bandage can be dipped in a solution of novocaine.

It is important to emphasize that the sterile material in the burn of 2 degrees, it is not recommended to use cotton wool, this material may become just an unnecessary source of irritation to damaged skin.

If first aid must be used the drug for pain relief. Independently at home for anesthesia use any painkillers. This tool can be analgin and paracetamol, as with extensive burns has been used for drugs which are not only effective, but also have anti-inflammatory effects, to include Ketanov, Ketorolac, ketorol.


Burns 2nd degree, often completely heal without medical and medical intervention. To accelerate the regeneration process of the skin, you can use any anti-burn agent, which contains Panthenol.

From the point of view of preference in the treatment is best to use a spray. When applying anti-burn agent in aerosol form, there is no hand contact with the damaged area of the skin. Thus, it is possible to speak about significant reduction in the risk of infection. In any case, you must be aware If the burn has led to the appearance of edema, in order to compensate for insufficient circulating blood in the body, it is recommended to drink plenty of liquids.

The treatment failure is manifested by the fact that the wounds from the received burns 2nd degree for a long time to heal. This can amplify pain, fluid in the blister begins to thicken. In all these cases you will need to contact the medical facility for more effective treatment. Especially important, how to quickly heal a burn on my face.

Also note that compulsory hospitalization is required for more than 10 percent of burns of a body, and if the patient has burns to internal organs.

Inpatient treatment is also needed for elderly patients who have diseases of the heart and respiratory system.

What not to do

Incorrect treatment of a burn of 2 degrees can result in quite serious danger, and cause a variety of complications. That is why doctors advise not to self-medicate with an untested means. Below is the list of what not to do when you burn of 2 degrees:

  • Not recommendedapplied to the burn surface oil and any other means of having a greasy texture. Any such drug creates the effect of" greenhouse" and instead to accelerate the regeneration of damaged tissue promotes the spontaneous continuation of the heating of the skin, and this leads to increased pain. That is why it is important to know what to spread the burn at home.
  • It is not recommended to lubricate the burn of 2 degrees with Cologne, alcohol, brilliant green or iodine. Skin after the burn is already heavily dehydrated and it requires no additional maintenance. Additionally, the use of alcohol-containing means causes the regeneration time increases.
  • The burn of 2 degrees is not recommended to treat a variety of untested recipes of alternative medicine in the first place these include burn treatment urine or pulp of fresh fruits and vegetables.
  • We should also mention the blisters that are formed when the skin burns of 2 degrees. They cannot be self-pierce, and accelerates the disclosure, firstly, puncture the blister will lead to scarring on the skin, and secondly, you can increase the risk of secondary infection.