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How to treat burns with blisters what to do if the blister has burst

When the skin gets burn, often blisters. Most people are trying to get rid of these tumors, thereby worsening the situation. During mechanical removal of traces of blisters heal slowly, so it is especially important to know how to remove the blisters, without damaging the skin. There are effective tools that accelerate the process of wound healing and skin after thermal burn.

What is a blister

Blisters this is a classic symptom of second-degree burn. In this case, the damaged and the upper part of the epidermis and deep skin. The usual care can not do, it is necessary high-quality treatment. If you get a blister – that means the epithelium of orogonal until the sprout layer. Bubbles after burns appear on the skin after a few hours. There may be several, depending on the strength of the burn. Blisters will appear, when the burn have burning, pain and swelling. Blisters filled with plasma, which later becomes yellowish. Rip blister is strongly not recommended – it can cause infection in the wound. To remove the pus, dead tissue or foreign particles sometimes surgery is required, which should be performed by a qualified doctor.

Treatment of burn blister

How to eliminate the problem? Our site has excellent material on this topic — blisters and reduce inflammation and destroy bacteria. You cannot apply funds on the basis of the fat or oil, if we are not talking about the sea buckthorn and olive oils. Several times a day need to bandage the wound with a dry gauze bandage to avoid contamination of the wound, and, as a consequence of aggravating the injury. It is important to know what kind of burn is to accurately select the right treatment. In this respect, should help and article — Treatment with calendula. Mix petroleum jelly and a fresh decoction of calendula in the ratio of 2 to 1. Cream, which was the result, you need to use 2 or 3 times a day, thoroughly lubricating the blister, this is the question of how to treat burns at home? Treatment with vitamin E. To after wound healing has not appeared scars, apply vitamin E. It is imposed on the blisters about 4-5 times a day. If the blister is still damaged and has burst, Downing a mandatory process by any antiseptic solution such as alcohol. After treatment, the wound is smeared anti-inflammatory agent with a drying effect. For this perfect tea tree oil, or brilliant green and iodine. In addition, you can put on healing the area with gauze or a dry bandage to avoid infection and inflammation.
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