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Burn the baby: what to do and how to treat a burn newborn

Once the family has a newborn, you must immediately change the whole atmosphere in the house and the apartment, because the child is always inquisitive. And this can sometimes lead to serious consequences, first and foremost, we are talking about how you can protect a young child from burns, what to do, how to assist in obtaining damage.

Safety measures in the kitchen

Go straight to the kitchen since this is where most burns occur. First you will need to clear the kitchen of any objects about which the child may stumble.

The area around the plate should be for the baby a kind of "forbidden zone" to which it is not supposed to be, it is best if the kitchen will be special children's armchair in which the child can be at a safe distance from flames or hot electric plate.

It is important to note that if the hob has autophagy, it is best during the non-disconnect it from the network if it is electric or turn off gas. The main rule — in no case should the child up to 5 years to allow to touch the stove! It is necessary to accustom the baby immediately to the fact that this is a dangerous item for your home life.

It is not recommended to fire the oven, if there is a child, the flammable gas can burn the eyes and respiratory tract of the baby. All pans, pots and buckets will need to turn the handle to the wall so that the child could not reach them and overturn on itself, the same applies to containers with hot dishes, they must be placed close to the wall.

Additionally, you cannot carry from place to place a container of hot dishes, if the child is in the kitchen. Just as it is impossible to open the lid of the vessel at the time when they are on fire, escaping steam can cause the child trouble. Of course, while the child is still small, it is necessary to exclude from the table the cloth with long drooping ends.

Precautions in the car

Here you can specify literally two points. First, if the child is travelling with the family in the summer, the seat should be covered with a towel. This is done to ensure that while passengers are absent in the cabin, the sun was unable to get very hot seat, the otherwise delicate baby's skin can get burned.

Of course, the second point concerns the cigarette lighter. In any case, you can not let a small child play with it, it may lead to quite a severe burn in which first aid is required immediately.

Security of premises

First thing in the room in winter time will need to cover the Central heating battery the screen, the battery temperature may be sufficientdangerous for the baby and when touched can cause burns.

In any case, do not leave unattended electric heaters. I can change the exposed temperature of the heating.

Not allow children to play near or on the Ironing Board during Ironing, the iron one of the most dangerous household items that can cause burns in children.

You will need to replace light bulbs in lamps to fluorescent, the bulb might be hot


The bathroom for the baby the main danger is the cranes. While bathing it can accidentally open the crane with hot water and get burned, first aid will be accorded immediately under cold water, but better still to avoid it.

To ensure that the bathing water was of adequate temperature, check it with your elbow, not the palm, on the elbow, the skin is more delicate and precise feel for her temperature.

Safety rules in the sun

To start to define what sunlight is necessary for a growing organism of the child. However, to get the percentage of ultraviolet radiation he doesn't have the whole day to be under the scorching rays of the sun. Even a small sunburn on the hands is enough to start the formation of vitamin D.

Large doses of solar radiation is harmful for the baby and this is particularly true today, when the ozone layer of the planet a little thinned. In any case, parents need to be aware of what are band-aid or cotton. The plaster tight to the skin and remove it from the damaged section will be very difficult, wool can irritate the already painful burns, and first aid does not involve its use.

Can cause the burn oil, ointment or cream, each of these funds will support high temperatures in the site of the lesion, as well as funds that contain in their composition the alcohol. They not only will not help in the fight against burn, and will increase the pain of the child. It must be remembered that the worst thing is burn disease in children, which happens just at the wrong response to the burns.

However, first aid may require admission anaesthetic, but it should fit the age of the child.

When to consult a doctor

Mandatory referral to the doctor is necessary in case if:

  • a slight burn from the baby up to 1 year
  • the burn area exceed the diameter of 1 cm and at the site of damage appeared blister,
  • burn electric. Even if he has not presented a serious defeat, however, an electrical burn always gives complications on the heart muscle, so can go straight to the doctor
  • burnreceived during the open combustion fire, in this case, the child can inhale the products of combustion, and this leads to poisoning that can occur immediately.