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Treatment of burns with boiling water at home

If you burn the skin with boiling water and most important is fast reaction to the situation. The ability to respond quickly and provide the correct first aid after skin burn with boiling water in the future determines how burn lose will be deep and how large it will spread.

First aid for burns with boiling water

As a rule, intuitively a man after a burn injury with boiling water trying to put the burned surface of the skin under running cold water. This is absolutely the right thing to do here only to clarify that it is best if it is not just running water, and a container of cool water. However, such an opportunity is rare, so the burned area under the faucet — the right time first aid for burns with boiling water. We can note two thing: the water should be cold, and that is cool, if the water is very cold it may be shock from the sudden change of temperature. And the second point, during the time that the burned surface is under the action of cold water, which is about 20 minutes, it will be necessary to assess the degree of the burn, to understand what actions to take next.

Assessment of the degree of the burn

Definitely need to know how to assess the degree of the burn depends on the choice of future action. Define 4th degree burns on their appearance, which helps to instantly and correctly determine the burn lose*

  • A first-degree burn is characterized by a slight redness and swelling at the site of the lesion, sometimes it may form small blisters.
  • For burn of 2 degrees is also characterized by the redness and swelling, it is also superficial burn lose, but the second degree is almost always formed blisters, and forms a thin scab.
  • 3rd degree burn is characterized by deep lesions that can reach the muscle, there is always a scab and blisters will immediately burst.
  • The 4 degree burn reaches bone, the superficial tissue and skin are exposed to necrosis. With this burn you can diagnose the charring and blackening of the tissues of the body.

Thus, if you have the opportunity to self-diagnose burns 1 and 2 degrees, access to a doctor is not necessary. Safely possible to do the treatment at home, the main thing here is to determine what the burn took less than one percent of the body. This is determined simply by one percent, which is roughly the area of the palm of the injured patient. If affected joints are hands, face, genitals, even burns 1 2 degree, despite its lightness, still require treatment for medical help. The fact that the process of cicatrization in these parts of the body can lead to big problems. If the burn is similar to grade 3 and 4, it is necessarywill call the ambulance, and the sooner this happens the better for the patient. Particularly important time to call an ambulance if the burn area is quite large, more than 5 percent of the burned skin surface at 3 or 4 degrees, can result in burn disease, a condition in which a shock begins the disruption of the functional highlights of the whole organism. very dangerous when the infection of the place burn. The question is, what method will be treated, must be decided by the doctor, but in the first hours after burn injury use a closed method of treatment which allows to prevent the infiltration of a bacterial infection in a fresh wound. It is important that in addition to boiling water, a serious burn you can get from steam, and once these aggregate state related, useful material — cooling. While fat application creates the perfect environment for the spread and development of infections. You can't handle the burn of antiseptics are irritating nature, such as iodine, potassium permanganate or alcohol. Moreover, they cause strong pain, so they also interfere with the doctor to assess the degree of damage. Cannot be applied on the affected area with boiled water ice, it can lead to shock, as if blisters formed, they are not recommended to self-pierce. In light of the conversation about the scalding hot water will be helpful information and what to do if there is a burn your mouth with boiling water.