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Treatment after burn: the fastest way to

After eliminating the first effects of burns, skin needs systematic treatment, and a perception that things will be delayed and will take place, is fundamentally wrong. In the area of burns can easily occur complications, which seriously tightened the healing process of the skin. This burn treatment should not be delayed indefinitely, and we must act immediately.

Emergency measures after burn

Regardless of what type of burns we got, the primary step in elimination of consequences should be immediate cessation of damaging factors (high temperature, chemicals, electrical current)

Then the affected area needs to be cooled, and to do it under running cold water. Then treat the skin drug and isolated with a sterile bandage.

The wrong treatment

A common misconception about the treatment of burns method of lubricating skin oil leads only to the fact that in the field of burns, the oil forms a film, and under it will start a process of rapid reproduction of bacteria.

Skin, mandatory, needs to breathe, so that overlay tight bandages to burns or dense patches, are also excluded. Just a couple sterile bandages to protect the burns place, would be sufficient.

Minor burns can cause blisters, and you must give them disappear, exposing them to mechanical stress.

What if not treated?

We are surrounded by billions of bacteria and viruses, most of which are not able to pass the natural defenses of our immune system, however, the burns, the damaged area of skin can no longer resist the penetration of bacteria.

If you let it go, we at least will get a not very beautiful scars, plus the protracted process of healing, and the maximum – infectious disease that long would bother us.

After burn: drugs

Treatment of burns involves healing the injured after burn of the skin. All medicines that we are going to use for the treatment of burns, should contain a component for healing injuries and preventing infection.

Despite the fact that pharmacies are clogged, figuratively speaking, preparations for the treatment of burns is right to focus on one, and conduct a monotherapy, which would be much more effective for burns.


In addition to the composition, the drug must possess a suitable consistency, to be lean and sparse. Treatment of lipophilic drugs is not the best choice, they do not allow the skin to breathe normally, and form a kind of blockage burns.

Burn treatment in this situation is you cream on hydrophilic basis. These cream fit perfectly into the concept of monotherapy. Hydrophilic cream much more efficiently releases the active ingredients and ensures their deep penetration into tissue damaged by burns to the skin.

Quick help – protect and restore

For the treatment after burns can be advised to pay attention to the drug company Jelfa, Argosulfan cream. He has all the necessary indications. Its use allows to speed up the healing process of burns, regeneration of the skin, the cream's active ingredients fight infections and bacteria. The last property is pronounced due to the salts of silver, which multiplies the effect of the treatment cream.

Properties of this cream allow him to demonstrate the treatment of not only infections, it has anti-fungal and antiviral focus. Silver, like thousands of years ago remains the ideal weapon against microbes, to him they have not produced stability and resilience.

Apply the cream for treatment and other injuries, however, it burns it demonstrates maximum efficiency.

But do not forget that burn is a serious injury for the body. This is not to disregard the importance of burns. Treatment after burns must be timely and effective. I advise you not to take on this responsibility, and to consult a specialist. The doctors are confronted every day with burns and know, what burns, what treatment is indicated.