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What to do if you burn the eye quartz lamp treatment

There is a perception that the quartz lamp cannot cause harm when used, but it is not. Must comply with the rules of operation and safety in order not to harm the health.

So, because of too long stay under the rays of the quartz lamp could cause eye injury. Burn vision with improper use of quartz lamps is one of the most common types of eye injury.

Such a violation of operation of the device a quartz radiation often can be observed not only when using the quartz lamp in the home, but also in a medical facility. If this happens, treat burns of the eye from the quartz lamp on their own not.

As you know, the eyes are quite delicate and sensitive organ, in any careless handling can cause irreparable injury to the optic body or even completely lose vision. Therefore, if you encounter any problems in the eye area, you must first ask for qualified help in a medical facility.

Symptoms of eye burns

Burns eye quartz lamp the importance of timely provision of relief.

Degree burns of the eyes depends on how long the patient was in qwertzuiop the room and how close to the quartz lamp were the eye during the procedure. Visually burns from exposure to quartz different from other burns the eyes and can affect not only the cornea but also the conjunctiva and eyelids. On our portal there is material — In the case of minor burns of the conjunctiva and other eye tissues usually do not suffer and remain healthy.

Such a burn can be obtained if the patient performs a short look at the quartz lamp. Signs of burn tissue in the eye area are detected through an hour or more, eyes watery, have a slight redness and feel pain when looking at light. When you open eyes after a few seconds they reflexively closed, the eyelids open with difficulty.

Moderate and severe burns

With an average burn area of the eye affected not only the eyelids but also the cornea and conjunctiva.

In the event of a severe burn on the eyes are yellow brown or dark gray, the patient can not open eyes.

There is swelling and redness of the eyelids, blistering, the patient feels severe pain when you try to open your eyes. The losses occur due to the thermal destruction of the quartz beams too close to finding the lamp at the face.

At a burn of the conjunctiva of moderate to severe severity signs appear almost immediately – the person feels intolerable pain eyes photophobia, his eyes are red and watery.

First aid

Treatmenteye burns must be performed by a doctor, self-interference is impermissible. However, detection of lesions on the eyes due to exposure to quartz rays you need to provide first aid to the patient. It is also important to understand that at this moment illegal to use in order not to harm the health.

When first aid is required:

  • To do everything to the patient calmed down and to take him to a darkened room;
  • Inform the patient about what not to touch your eyes, RUB them, and have crippling effects;
  • Clean the affected area of the eye from contamination;
  • For pain relief you should drink the victim painkillers, as well as to Wash the eyes, as these actions will not have any impact on the eye condition, and contaminants, once in the eye, can only do harm;
  • Use the bandage of cotton wool, as it has a warming effect, which is unacceptable damage to the eye;
  • To touch and open the resulting bubbles.

In summing up it is important to point out the important facts. You need time to provide emergency aid to the injured, immediately contact the medical facility for medical assistance and refuse to self-treatment, in this case it is better to consult a doctor immediately, but do not think that it will help you burn at home ,as it can harm the health of the eye.