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Burn with boiling water: first aid, what to do and how to treat?

In the category of the most common injuries that we receive in life, burn occupied "honourable" and a high place. And most worryingly, more than 20% of victims of burns are children.

Let's talk today about a burn with boiling water, and what first aid we can provide to the victim. What you can do, and what not, still burns with boiling water, this is a fairly unique injury and we need to know how to minimize its effects.

Determine the extent of a burn with boiling water

When exposed to boiling water on the skin damage occurs layer of the epidermis, which is almost instantly converted into blister with a strong redness and strong pain. With a strong, deep tissue of the epidermis, the skin at the site of lesion can be completely off. The development of the flow of the burn is determined by its weight, or rather, degree. In medicine shared by a few degrees:

  • First. It is the redness of the top layer of the skin;
  • Second. After burn kipyatkov jump blisters, which accumulates a transparent liquid;
  • Third. Characterized by deep lesions of the skin, which may require even transplantation of the epidermis;
  • Fourth. The most severe, in which it is possible to observe a painful shock to the victim.

Provide first aid for burns

The first thing to burn when needed, as quickly as possible remove wet clothing at the site of lesion. Moreover, the boiling water has already hit the skin, so it is exposed to hot parts of the fabric that enhances the effects of burns. Special attention to release from skin tissue should be given in the case of synthetics.

If the clothing has already formed blisters, tissue should be removed carefully, taking care not to damage the skin. If the damage of the blister, we obtain an open path for penetration of an infection into organism. You can cut the clothing with scissors and minimize mechanical damage to the skin.

The next step is to place the burn area under cold, running water. This is the preferred option. Thus, we remove the pain, and most importantly, do not allow the burn to spread further and minimize the amount of damaged tissue. If it's arm, it is raised above to the blood while not flow to the damaged area.

After all of the above, the place burns is dry and apply a clean, sterile bandage. You can wipe the burn from boiling water with alcohol, but it is only in the case that we only have slight skin damage. In any case, no need to put onthe surface burn oil or ointment, they tend to form a film, which will cover defeat and will block access to oxygen. In addition, the film will hold the heat and it does not speed up the removal of pain.

You can use of drugs

First and second degree burns when boiling water is when the defeat is characterized by a blistering. These burns are treated by Panthenol spray. It will allow, first, to solve the problem with disinfection and to remove pain. In addition, the components of the drug help to speed up the process of healing the affected skin area.

Equally effective drug is the drug "Solcoseryl", and it copes equally well with and burns created by boiling water with solar damage. Do not forget about gel wipes, they are specifically designed for first aid for burns. They perform two functions and disinfect the affected area and relieve pain. Most importantly, these wipes are easily removed from the skin.

In correlation with recent drug, it is possible to highlight the main contraindication is the complete exclusion of the possibility to use as a bandage medical plaster. When weeding we, first, will experience severe pain, and secondly, there is a high probability that with the patch we will take part of the burn-damaged skin.

If second degree burns have occurred exfoliation of the epidermis, the main thing is not to use drugs for treatment which contain alcohol. Can be treated with antiseptics and cover the gel with a tissue.

The necessity of seeking medical attention

Naturally, the degree of the burn and is the main reason for going to the doctor. However, even if we have a second degree, but a large burn, for example, with a diameter of 10 cm or more, as necessary medical care.

Mandatory referral to the doctor is required, if after some time after a burn begin to show symptoms that point directly to the infection. First and foremost, is the spread of redness, increased pain and fever.

If you burn higher in the second degree, the victim can obtain help in the treatment in the clinic, or to treat a burn in the burn unit at a stationary position.