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Burned by steam: first aid and treatment

Every person at least once faced the house with burns of various degrees. And all this is the simple, but no less painful burns. It is sufficient, for example, blithely lean over a boiling pot or kettle and heat to earn burned by steam. How to deal with this type of burn, and how to ease the condition? This is what we will discuss in below article.

Why is it important to know how to deal with the burn?

First, the wrong treatment causes deterioration in a steam burn. So you need to know exactly what actions to take in the treatment of burns. Burns may cause:

  • deformation of the skin,
  • inflammation,
  • edema,
  • of circulatory disorders.

In addition, you need to pay attention to sunburn, and know what actions to take to counteract them. So how exactly does the sun burn and burn steam can be the most common burn injuries to the skin in a domestic environment. Useful information on how to separate it from the body. So neat and such an approach due to the fact that no additional trauma occurs to the skin. Typically, the burn vapor formed blister, and it is not necessary to open. The next step should be cooling. It is necessary to expose the burn under running cold water for 15-20 minutes. This ensures the cooling of the internal and external skin. Soon after, the pain should subside, calm down nerve receptors, but the pain will return as soon as the damaged area is removed from the water. Next you need to put on the damaged place a sterile dressing of gauze. Pre-the wound is treated or spray "Panthenol" or "Rescuer".

Important! If affected a large area of skin, you need to wrap the person in a clean sheet and call the medical team. There can not be no question of separate treatment of such a burn, the larger the area of the lesion, the more likely connected to infection.

Burn vapor eyes

What should be the actions, in the case of getting a couple in the eye? If there was a thermal burn of the eye should be applied on the skin around the eyes green or sintomitsinovoy ointment. But we must remember that the funds should not fall on the burn. Also the eyes buried the sulfatsil sodium or Levomycetinum drops, applying on top of a gauze bandage. If the eyes are burned, you need to visit the ophthalmologist.

Is it possible to assess the severity of a burn by steam?

In order to understand how to treat a burn, you need to find out the severity of the problem. It affects the area of the affected surface and the degree of the burn. The severity of the damage differdepending on its depth:

  • First the severity. There is swelling and redness near the burn. The person worried about the feeling of tingling and itching, pain is also present, however, it smeared.
  • The second degree of gravity. The skin blisters with serous fluid inside. Complete healing of the wound occurs through 14-15 days. The burn is quite painful and can sometimes require the use of painkillers.
  • The third degree of severity. There is a high temperature, which destroys outer and inner layers of the skin and muscles.
  • Fourth degree. There is a necrosis of the skin and exfoliation. Such damage need to be skilled treatment, which is carried out in the burn clinics.

in more detail the extent described in the material, the palm is about 1% of the total area of the human body. The "rule of nines" is that the following: burns to the torso front and back, about 18%, the burn of each leg 18%, the burn of the head and neck – 9%, the burn of each hand – 9%, and 1% are burns of the perineum. Note, another way to defeat the hot steam that is also capable of leads to burn, not only the surface and internal organs. If inhaled hot steam, the Airways get a burn that can trigger the development of pulmonary edema and the appearance of pneumonia.

Is it always necessary to call an ambulance when you burn the ferry?

Call ambulance when you burn vapor, it is always directly dependent on how extensively the site of the lesion. If the lesion is within 5% of the body, even if first degree burns should immediately contact physicians. If the ferry burned an elderly person or child also need to immediately call the ambulance. When lesions groin, head or eyes are shown the obligatory visit to a medical professional. Independently, of course, you can take action, there is excellent material on this topic place any folk remedies or oil. Such treatment will aggravate the condition and cause increased pain. This is especially true of the application of oil on the skin, because when this occurs, the formation of a kind of film on the surface of the skin, and under it already developed a bacterial infection which is so dangerous for burns. When the blisters formed, puncturing them in any case impossible. When puncture increases the risk of wound infection, which will lead to complications and slow down the recovery process. Do not touch affected area with dirty hands, to smear alcohol-based solutions, and apply iodine and Zelenka on the affected area.

How is the treatment burn steam?

If you have To burn treatment is applied with a sterile gauze bandage that has to be changed 1 time ina couple of days. Treating the wound, the doctor applies sintomitsinovoy emulsion, furatsilinovoy ointment, dermazin and other drugs that accelerate healing. If the burn wound is pus, then apply a wet bandage, impregnated with various antiseptics, such as chlorhexidine or furatsilina. In severe burns a large area, the treatment should be comprehensive, and only in the specialized centers. Sometimes, a wound requires skin grafting to complete this procedure, physicians cleanse and prepare the wound.