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What to do if you burn your mouth with boiling water: treatment

Burn with boiling water of oral mucosa forms the thermal damage to the skin and mucous membranes. Moreover, this type of burn, the patient may receive not only domestic conditions, but also at carrying out of remedial measures such as steam inhalation.

The trauma that the patient receives when you burn your mouth with boiling water, is accompanied by not only local symptoms, but also the General reaction of the whole body of the patient. Note that the damage to the oral mucosa in any case, and regardless of the severity of a burn with boiling water, always require treatment.

The depth of the lesion

To understand how the boiling water can cause severe burns, you must know what can get burn, when you have to seek medical help, and that you could make independently to define degree of burns:

  • When a first degree burn lose covers only the surface layer of the skin, marked redness and slight swelling to the intersection of boiling water, present, the pain, the burn runs completely independently after a few days. Due to the fact that contact with boiling water were minimal.
  • A defeat here already affecting not only epithelium, but also deep part of the skin. First there is redness and swelling, then blisters are formed on the site of the trauma, always a painful defeat. Can heal within two weeks, if not attached bacterial infection.
  • In this burn the defeat exposed the whole layer of skin and the underlying tissue. This third type of burn is divided into two degrees. A — level is characterized by the appearance of thick-walled bubbles with scab formation. B — degree is more severe when scalding hot water is formed wet tissue necrosis, they begin to die and purulent inflammation of non-infectious character, and scarring.
  • This degree occurs when a sufficiently long exposure to the boiling water on the skin with small thickness of the subcutaneous fat layer. At 4 degree burn with boiling water one can observe the formation of black scab, and even charring.

Note again that in the case of burns of 1 degree, when a small area of mucosal injury, treatment to the doctor not necessarily. But with the emergence of the second degree, especially during infection, access to a doctor should be without question. The same applies to burn grade 3 and 4, which require immediate hospitalization.

Signs of burn kipyatkov mouth

Let's define the main features of burn the mouth and respiratory tract, which are present in contact with boiling water or steam:

  • cough;
  • shortness of breath;
  • chest pain, throat;
  • hoarseness.

First aid for burns with boiling water

Inyou first need to stop the high temperature in the mouth and further to cool the skin. The fact that the thermal damage to the skin and especially the mucous continues after the end of direct contact with hot water. You can and should learn To do this simply requires rinsing or use compresses with cool water for up to three hours. As a rule, such measures are quite enough to relieve the initial pain and accelerate healing of the mucosa of the mouth.

Second degree, a kind of treatment for more severe, it is because prolonged exposure of high temperature on oral mucosa blisters with clear fluid contents. After these blisters are opened, in their place, formed a painful erosion, and the surface of the mucous membrane may be nekrotizirovannah. Treatment of burns of the oral cavity 2 degree consists of washing the cavity with cold water, and applying different painkillers before you eat. Painkillers without eating is impossible. There can be used:

  • 5% emulsion anestezina oil,
  • 0,5% solution of lidocaine, applying ointment propolis
  • and tools that accelerates the process of epithelialization.

Treatment of 3rd degree burn is characterized in that in the mouth after burn boiling water ulcers and necrosis. Treatment in this case is carried out exclusively in the hospital.

Recommendations in the treatment of a burn with boiling water

As we have said, the first thing will be to ease the state of patient who received burns to the mouth with boiling water, to disinfect and to observe the rules of oral hygiene.

For pain relief you can use local antiseptic spray or gel. In some cases, you can use sea buckthorn oil or vegetable oil, which is also applied to damaged areas of the mucosa, the sky.

You can consider how to treat a burn of 2 degrees, as it in the treatment may recommend the following remedies for the treatment and elimination of consequences of burns on the mouth with boiling water:

  • Vegetable oil or sea buckthorn,
  • Antisepsis, spray or gel,
  • can be applied to the affected place with boiling water,aloe
  • gently the mucosa may be treated with 3% hydrogen peroxide then rinse with water
  • after a meal the mouth is rinsed with infusion of calendula, it is quite effective in the treatment of burns.

In addition to accelerated healing after a burn with boiling water can limit the intake of sour, spicy, marinated food.