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Panthenol sunburns: cream or ointment

Sunburn — one of the most common skin lesions that are associated with high temperature. Just note that sunburn no extreme degrees, such as 3 or 4, when there is a deep lesion of the skin, tissues and bones, but this does not mean that damage due to prolonged exposure to UV rays are not dangerous.

In the first place as a sunburn, which affect large areas of skin.

You can immediately determine that a burn of a small amount of cover can lead to the fact that the patient feels discomfort, skin redness, weakness, and sometimes swelling. In some cases, the patient may experience nausea, which comes to vomit, a high temperature body.

Note that you must refrain from further tanning in the sun if you have sunburn, otherwise you can experience very serious pain, and the rehabilitation of the skin will last much longer.

If the sunburn leads to quite strong pain, you can take a few aspirin, pain reliever will help to reduce not only pain but also itching.

Normal skin reaction to a sunburn, is inflammation, which is always accompanied by a local raising of the temperature and sensation of heat. In this case, can help cold. The patient should take a cold shower, or apply to the affected parts of the body ice cubes.

Panthenol, as the best means

In the treatment of sunburn can be used different means, it can be an ointment or an aerosol, gel, cream. One of the best means is the drug Panthenol for burns, which is a precursor of Pantothenic acid and shows the same biological effects.

Pantothenic acid and its derivatives were water-soluble vitamins that have taken part in all the metabolic processes occurring within cells. It was the effect of this acid contributes to accelerated regeneration and the formation of damaged skin and mucous membranes.

For external use of Panthenol is its fast absorption in the skin layer, which leads to the acceleration of scarring skin damage. This ointment is excreted from the body in a natural way, with urine and feces. In addition it is important to note that the Panthenol has no carcinogenic and mutagenic effects and is not toxic. We can say that it is almost the best remedy for sunburn.

The Use Of Panthenol

In addition Panthenol ointment can be used for healing the skin after sunburn, it is also used to regenerate thewhen:

  • abrasions,
  • thermal burns,
  • aseptic surgical wounds,
  • bullous and vesicular dermatitis,
  • the skin grafts.

Panthenol ointment should be applied thinly to the affected sunburn area of the skin gently rubbing, so as not to cause the patient pain. Applied two to four times a day, if necessary, you can apply it more often if skin is sunburn and infected area of the skin, it must first be treated with an antiseptic. If a sunburn in a child, Panthenol ointment is applied after each change of clothes or bathing.

Possible side effect and contraindications

The Panthenol virtually no side effects, the only thing that can disturb the patient when using the ointment is a skin allergic reaction that can occur on certain components of the drug.

In this case, you must stop using the ointment until such time until the skin will not bounce back.

If the reaction of the skin to the use of Panthenol is sharp enough, you will have to find another remedy for sunburn. On the other hand, it answers the question of non-depolarizing muscle relaxants and increase the action of depolarizing muscle relaxants.

It is very important that Panthenol ointment does not cause any toxic side effects, and this applies both to drug overdose, which can happen not only when applied to the skin, but when taken in pill form.

Additional information

It is recommended to keep at temperature not above 25 degrees Celsius, do not leave the ointment on the Scalp under direct sunlight, and bring to heat above 50 degrees.

As for permission to use Panthenol, it could easily be applied to elderly patients and to children under the supervision of a physician. The ointment should be applied to moist wounds, which may occur after a sunburn. so, what kind of funds from the burns of the sun was not offered, there will be our drug.

It is important to note that the use of Panthenol in sunburn does not oppress and autonomic nervous system, and does not affect the ability to drive a vehicle.

In any case, before using the ointments you still need to consult with your doctor and to exclude an allergic reaction. Even when simple sunburn is not recommended to self-medicate.