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Remedies for sun-burnt skin

Before you start to talk about what are the remedies against sunburn, is to say that the first and most simple tool that allows you to avoid sunburn, it is the most simple prevention.

Closed clothing, stay in the shade, a hat with a wide brim, sunscreen — all to avoid a severe burn of the skin to ultraviolet rays. However, if the burn happened, you must know what are the remedies for skin damage by ultraviolet rays.

Specifics of sunburn

Burns, which are caused by the sun's rays are not divided to the extent such damage is usually superficial and is manifested by redness. In more severe cases the skin can cause blisters with a clear liquid.

However, it is worth saying that the danger of sunburn is not calculated the depth of skin lesions and area. Some of the sunbathers can be damaged up to 99 percent of the skin, with the exception of the bikini area.

In contrast to the results of exposure to chemical or thermal damage, sunburn manifests itself only after 8-12 hours.

Redness, the skin swells, it becomes painful, itchy, high sensitivity of the skin is easily injured, infected, is excessive loss of moisture.

Access to a doctor with sunburn

Sunburn usually does not require treatment in a medical institution. However, there are instances when seeking help is necessary. Define the main indications for seeking medical attention.

  • The appearance on the skin blisters with fluid
  • lose more than 50 percent of the area of the body,
  • severe burns face,
  • fever,
  • the headache and nausea, you can assume a powerful punch.

If the patient is diagnosed, a strong sunburn, the treatment can be performed in a hospital. In addition to local treatment, is necessary to use an IV with saline to replenish moisture loss, pain medication, in case of complications, even have to use antibiotics.

That just helps with the sun burn

If the skin appears sunburned, the treatment in the first stage, within 48 hours is intended to primarily cool the skin, reduce pain, relieve itching.

As soon as the swelling begins to subside, the skin is peeling, the goal of treatment procedures during this period hydration and regeneration of the epidermis.

The assistance at home that can relieve the initial discomfort from a sunburn, this cool shower or bath. In the second case, in the water you can add a small amount of vinegar. You can putalso cold compresses on the burned area on the skin.

Another way to relieve pain — spread on the damaged skin of the pulp of cucumber and cabbage, potatoes and also treat the burn with yogurt. As always, excellent soothes skin affected by sunburn, tincture of chamomile, calendula, strong black tea or oak bark.

Helps with sunburn aloe Vera juice is at the stage of hyperemia and edema aloe Vera juice is capable of cooling the skin and also has anti-inflammatory effects, when you start peeling the aloe Vera moisturizes the skin and accelerates the regeneration process. The area of the burn can be applied just fresh aloe leaves or squeeze out the juice.

We note that traditional medicine is loyal to all the above first aid for sun burn. However, treats them all the same as alternative points of treatment.

Pharmacy remedy for sunburn

First, you can use the drugs, which include steroid hormones. They allow you to quickly remove the itching and inflammation of the skin, while for short use they are completely safe. Such drugs include ftorokort ointment, burn cream sun AvoDerm, cream and lotion elokom.

Used antihistamines, non-hormonal preparations which are intended to suppress the release of mediators of inflammation, are substances that cause burning itching and swelling at the site of sunburn. Such drugs include the gel fenistil, ointment for sunburn ketzin, gel Bamiyan.

Local anesthetics like benzocaine or lidocaine, and menthol, spray from sunburn amprovizol and LuAnn gel

Antiseptics, these funds are needed if the blisters that appear when the sun burn burst, and they can join infection. It can be a means of chlorhexidine, miramistine or sulfadiazine silver. You can offer to use quick help, myramistinum ointment, cream Silvester.

Dexpanthenol is a derivative of Pantothenic acid, on the basis of which was created by a group of drugs that are designed to reduce inflammation of burns and accelerate the regeneration of the skin. Pandesal, bepanten, panthenol – any of these creams can be used with sunburn.

Tools which are designed to accelerate regeneration of the skin. Such drugs are best used immediately, but after a sunburn, when the acute period has passed. These include Solkoseril ointment, spray olazol with sea buckthorn oil, lifuzol based on linseed oil. These medicines and answer the question, paracetamol.

Can be recommended to patients with inflamed skindrink more fluids, burnt with sunburn, the skin starts to evaporate moisture in large quantities, which leads to overdrying of the skin.

To reduce the effect of the pain and irritation associated with sunburn and helps lightweight loose clothing. You should avoid skin contact with the belt or straps after a sunburn. Leather, as we are not just painful, but is easily injured, which opens the way for connection of various infections.