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How to treat Allergy to ragweed: preparations of pollen plants

Allergies, with sensitivity to ambrosia, with a sinking heart await the approach of the period of her flowering on the typical allergic symptoms. It is known that for such people this process is quite unpleasant and often painful symptoms.

Ragweed begins in late July and lasts until the frost. Each plant over its lifetime is capable of producing a billion pollen grains. They move through the air by wind and can travel great distances exceeding 400 kilometers.

Most of the doctors-allergists was convinced that microscopic ragweed pollen in itself can be considered a very aggressive allergen is able to provoke asthma. Such broad-spectrum effects on the mucous membranes and the human skin is not able to provide any other plants and trees.

But, unfortunately, no inhabitant of the planet is immune from developing allergies. To become allergic can even perfectly healthy people. It does not need a lot, just a few weeks to breathe air that has high content of ragweed pollen.

People useful facts that earned this method the Allergy, is almost incurable. Suffering from this disease people, the flowering period of ragweed I try to leave home and go somewhere far away, if only to protect themselves from unpleasant symptoms.

Why do I get this disease?

Allergen of ambrosia (in the period of its flowering) in large quantities released into the environment in the form of pollen. She, in turn, spreads to the settlements with the wind flow, penetrating even into residential areas.

During direct contact with mucous membranes of the nose, mouth, eyes and skin, and even more so when the ingress of pollen into the respiratory tract, most people reach a sensitization to this allergen is the agent provocateur.

During repeated exposure to human blood begins to produce antibodies against this weed increases the level of immunoglobulin E, allocated fat cells, which are responsible for clinical manifestations of Allergy.

This disease is impossible to cure, as it is very difficult to completely destroy the ambrosia. Such a process will require unprecedented financial costs.


Symptoms of an Allergy to ragweed is very similar to the symptoms that arise from the influence of the pollen of various grasses and trees. These symptoms appear immediately after the ragweed pollen gets into the human body or in direct contact with the skin.

The immune system seeks by all means to prevent the impact of alien allergens and starts to attack the entire Arsenalits chemical substances. This appears:

  • sudden runny nose;
  • a continuous process of nasal drainage down my throat mucus (post-nasal syndrome);
  • itching and redness of the eyes, reminding which is why many skeptical people wary of modern methods of treatment, which they offer doctors-allergists.

    And the reason for this is that in the history of medicine has not documented and not officially documented case of the complete deliverance of man from allergic diseases. And many who suffer from this disease, simply can not afford expensive treatment, so to cure it completely is rarely obtained. Allergy and ragweed – incompatible and are unpleasant for the child and for a teenager, your nose is stuffed, and the photo shows how he swells and we must do something!

    Despite this, all allergies should take medication for allergies ragweed pollen. Medications can help to alleviate the patient's condition and relieve inflammation, but this is not a complete treatment of Allergy to ragweed.

    Medications from allergies to ragweed pollen:

    • Advantan, Suprastin, Kromogeksal, Cetirizine
    • Letizen, Zaditen, Pipolfen, Xyzal, Cethrin, Fenistil
    • Tavegil, Mizolastine, Hismanal, Lomilan, Telfast, Ketotifen, Sucking, Diphenhydramine
    • Acrivastine, Zyrtec, Loragexal, Setastine, Largestin, Dexamethasone, Loratadine
    • Desloratadine, Diazolin, " - Improves Sleep, Semprex, Eden Aerius
    • Zodak, Fexofenadine, Parlazin, Kestin
    • Aleron, A Good Cough Medicine, Prednisone, Claritin, Trimester

    But before you jump to conclusions and start taking any antihistamine, especially for a child, you need to get professional consultation of a specialist, because pills can be dangerous. The doctor will pick up those drugs that are most effective in the specific instance and correctly calculate the dosage for an adult and a child if, for example, very stuffy nose. that an adult that is allergic to ragweed.

    Will significantly improve the patient's condition and allow you to heal and to fight not only drugs drops, tablets, and injections. They are administered to the patient in a specific pattern.

    In the clinic the person injected with a small amount of the allergen, and over time, the body ceases to respond to a stimulus, the nose is released, to lose allergic to ragweed, the photo shows how everything comes back to normal.

    Folk remedies to combat allergies to ragweed

    1. Fresh celery. From the preparation of the mixture, which can treat the disease, and allergies from ragweed retreats. You need to take ten beams pass through a meat grinder. The resulting slurry squeeze, and the juice add two tablespoons of honey. The composition of the mix,close tightly with a lid and put into the refrigerator. Ingest three tablespoons three times a day before meals.
    2. Dry nettle leaves to cure the Allergy to ragweed. One tablespoon of dried nettle pour 200 ml of boiling water. To put on weak fire and boil for about 20 min. cool down the mixture and take one teaspoon 5 times a day before meals, the nose opens, and no more lies.