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Erosive proctitis: description and characteristics

Proctitis is a disease associated with an inflammatory process of the mucous membrane of the rectum of the person. The term occurs from the Greek words proktos, which refers to the anus and colon. Proctitis may be combined and held in conjunction with the inflammatory process in the sigmoid colon, the disease is called proktoshigmoidit.

Consider the erosive proctitis, as a form of the disease, its causes, symptoms and treatment.


Traditionally, the development of proctitis, including to the erosive, ulcerative, leads improper diet with plenty of spicy dishes and excessive consumption of alcoholic beverages. The main causes of proctitis include:

  • Constipation, which lead to venous congestion in the tissues of the rectum.
  • The penetration of parasites. In this case we are talking about the invasion of Trichomonas, dysentery amoebas.
  • Hypothermia of organs of small pelvis.
  • Diseases of the rectum, hemorrhoids.

That involves the treatment

Treatment can begin after an accurate diagnosis and rectal examination and rectoscopy. In addition, to determine the extent of mucosal lesions in the inflammatory process and the changes that occur in tissues, may be additionally assigned to the cytological examination of the intestinal contents.

Another time to be sowing feces, which is determined by the composition of the intestinal microflora. If there is a need for additional diagnostic information, biopsy of the intestinal mucosa.

It should be noted and bed rest that is prescribed in conjunction with the introduction diet. On the diet a little more detail, as in the diet should be limited to the amount of fiber.

Along with this, from the diet excludes fried meals as well as spicy, salty, smoked food. Of course, that gets banned and spices with alcohol and nicotine. In General, any food that may cause irritation should be eliminated during treatment erosive Dosage of an antibacterial drug is administered after accurate diagnosis and given the state of the pathogenic microflora in the affected area to the drug components. In addition to antibiotics in the treatment participate sulfonamides, which are also prescribed after all the study and culture of feces.

Topically you can use a special microclysters, in which the solution is applied chamomile or collargol. Once the acute phase subsides, you can switch to using oil mikroklizm, sitz baths. In baths recommended the use of 0.01% potassium permanganate.

It is imperative to take perineal warm shower. If the acute form comesin a state of further complications, it is recommended to use corticosteroids, which can have a beneficial effect.

If the disease goes into the chronic stage, the treatment can be carried out on an outpatient basis, and basically uses the same methods.

We emphasize that in chronic disease are extremely positive trend demonstrates the treatment of the sanatorium-resort areas. Here we note the following points:

  • Appointed mud.
  • Intestinal lavage with warm water alkaline type, for example, excellent water Borjomi. It is important to note that such water helps in the rejection of mucus and fine motor function activates the muscles of the colon.
  • A complex of therapeutic measures aimed at combating constipation. This could be special exercises of the abdominals, which should develop the reflex to defecate, massages.
  • In any case, do not use laxatives.

If diagnosed cicatricial contraction necessary operative treatment, using surgery.

Tips for patients

The only proper advice that can be given to the patient with symptoms of proctitis, it is not to ignore their appearance. Any subjective feelings of discomfort, burning, and even more pain in the anus cannot be ignored.

The main problem of proctitis is that without timely treatment, it is developing rapidly, but the main thing with him is evolving, and infections that can cause proctitis.

If we talk about the Outlook for proctitis, note that when properly conducted therapy, proctitis always completely curable.