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Myositis of the back muscles: how to treat inflammation

During myositis of the back muscles inflamed muscle fibers, resulting in formation of a kind of inflammation in the form of hard and quite painful nodules.

Unfortunately, we have to admit the fact that often enough the disease can become chronic, and in this state myositis can lead to complete atrophy of the muscles of the back.

Causes of myositis

We can immediately note that myositis develops not just in the force of the impact completely different reasons, but also because the inflammation of the muscle fibers is a simple response to the most banal influence of external and internal factors. Note the main causes that lead to the emergence of myositis:

  • First myositis may be a consequence of certain infectious diseases that affect muscle fibers of the back.
  • Various parasitic infestations.
  • Toxic effects on the body.
  • Injuries and external factors in the form of bumps and bruises.
  • Occupational diseases suffered by workers or athletes.

As we already wrote, often lead to myositis infectious diseases, which include the simple flu and all other respiratory viral infections. Myositis is the result of complications of infection, and all other reasons are a little more rare.

Always worth to say a few words about what the most characteristic group of people who are most often exposed to the myositis are the ones who have a professional activity is connected with the permanent injury of the back muscles.

Most interesting is that such injuries do not have to exercise or lift weights, you just need a long human presence in a certain uncomfortable position! This risk includes – drivers, pianists, violinists operators PC, office workers.

However, the back muscles have an effect and simple injuries, and frequent hypothermia, and seizures.

The most severe form of the disease — purulent myositis. It occurs in case of infection in a deep wound, and the infection can occur during surgery, if surgeons are not well sterilized medical supplies.

Forms of myositis

Myositis always comes in two forms: acute and chronic. The acute form is determined by a strong strong pain, and the chronic form is almost not seen the patient for a long time even able to ignore and not notice the development of myositis.

In chronic pain syndrome appears extremely rare, but may increase under the influence of unfavorable factors, such as:

  • for long periods in uncomfortablepose
  • hypothermia,
  • injury
  • or abrupt climate change.

The cells also varieties of myositis — polymyositis and dermatomyositis.


During this type of disease occurs defeat several groups of muscles. The pain is very mild and the main symptom is constant muscle weakness. In this respect, polymyositis is similar to the chronic form of the disease.

Often the patient does not even take seriously a signal to the body, and don't think he's sick. The only symptom to which attention is drawn is the increasing weakness. For example, it can be considered as the first patient is difficult to climb stairs, and eventually it's hard to even get up from his chair.

The main problem lies in the fact that with polymyositis, the disease is virtually asymptomatic and, therefore, atrophy of the muscles continues for a long time, so the treatment always starts at a fairly late stages and is long and complicated.

Here still it is possible to clarify that polymyositis may be accompanied by the development of another concomitant disease – arthritis. It is possible to observe swelling of the muscles and swelling of the joints. However, if during the diagnosing the disease, the prognosis of treatment is always positive.


This form of the disease is very peculiar, appears almost in 100% of cases in women young and middle age. Still have not managed to establish the exact cause of dermatomyositis, and there are two versions of the origin: the first is a viral disease, and the second is the hereditary factor.

The catalyst of the disease is the hypothermia and any of the colds, rarely dermatomyositis appears after a long stay under sun rays.

The disease appears video rash, which acts on the skin on the upper torso, face, hands. It is important to know that it is not If the cause of muscle inflammation in parasitic infestation, anthelmintic assigned funds.

Any kind of disease definitely prescribed analgesics, which are designed to remove the pain symptoms, as well as anti-inflammatory drugs, as a rule, it is not steroid means.

When a local myositis, you can use ointments and drugs that relax the muscles and render irritating action on the muscular structure, resulting in the weakening of the pain syndrome.

In the acute form of myositis necessarily the patient should be in bed, it will help relieve pain from the affected muscles and effectively treat you. Of course, that when purulent myositis have to go to a surgeon to lance the festering education and to drainpus. By the way, just as the removal of Wens on the head, so that surgery in this case, operates on standard methods.

Under the supervision of a specialist, in addition to medications, treatment of myositis involves massage as well as physiotherapy and medical gymnastics.