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Corn on the foot: treatment fingers

Perhaps only in fairy princesses don't get corns on his feet. All the other women repeatedly moaning tied up feet new dress shoes.

Oh, those corn on the foot, again appeared completely out of place! But no one at the party not had such beautiful shoes! And the fact that beauty requires sacrifice — for anybody not news. However, after the ball will have to seek ways to efficiently and quickly cure the patients fingers and calluses on the feet.

Corn — why is it necessary?

Actually, corn isn't a useless thing. Despite its simplicity, it is very functional. Thus, the body and the skin is protected against active attack from outside. When the audience listened to a masterly performance by guitarists, they hardly think of how to look at the pads of her fingers, which in fact is covered by the ordinary calluses.

Otherwise his fingers would be instantly erased, and in its place formed to bloody wounds. Then, the body cared for the protection and increased heavy armor".


Such thickening and keratinization of the upper layer of the skin occurs in areas most exposed to pressure on the foot. Corns on feet, fingers and palms — a common occurrence. If you look to the hands of the teacher, it is almost certainly on the middle finger of the right hand you notice a blister from a ballpoint pen.

The same applies to the feet. Such education bring a lot of people trouble and grief. Yes it is understandable, because to date you have not yet created a cure for corns. But close and hard, but at the same time beautiful shoes is the main reason for their appearance, and blisters bother a beautiful floor every day.

Regular friction of the foot, toes and heel on the Shoe material leads to the formation of this defect on the skin. Blisters on the feet can quickly change a flying, easy gait of a heavy foot, have seen a lot in my lifetime, women.

No — this is not a disease, but to ignore the corn is impossible. In need of treatment. It's time to ask the question: "whether the beauty of such sacrifice?" Foot deformities, disfigured gait, pain and other problems can turn the life of this beautiful cheerful girls or women in the ongoing physical and mental suffering.

Kinds of corns

Dermatologists there are two varieties of corns: wet and dry. To treat wet corn and bloody water. Although in appearance they differ, but their treatment is very similar.

Water blisters

Probably, all familiar from childhood such an attack, as dropsy. Its cause in most cases is new shoes. With tears on my facea man takes off his shoes and sadly looking at the blisters. At this point he is interested in the question: how to quickly get rid of corns? And what happened?

On the leg, squeezed and even tight shoes, the epidermis (upper skin layer) separates from the dermis (middle layer of skin). Between these layers is formed a cavity in which immediately rushed the lymph (interstitial fluid). So starts the mechanism of formation of hydrocephalus.

If water bubbles small, then cure them is not particularly difficult and it can be done very quickly. If corn is fresh, they need to smear zelenkoj or iodine, and then to stick with bactericidal plaster. A day the procedure should be repeated. Corn will disappear after three or four days. Of course, shoes will have to be replaced. The word will be said: the patch should always be at hand.

Significantly complicated the process of treatment, if the blisters are large in size. In any case they cannot be punctured or torn, because on the bottom of the corn has already started to form new skin. And the thin shell of the bubble and inside it lymph protect young skin from damage and infection.

An extreme case

In life there are such moments when there is no time to wait for natural healing. What to do in this case? Will have to pierce a water blister. First you need to treat it with hydrogen peroxide, then, taking with alcohol the needle, be careful to make it several punctures around the circumference of the corn, not touching the bottom.

Remains lymph should remove the dry gauze pad. The skin can't snap off, it should be spread and pressed against the wound. On top of the corn necessary to process any antibacterial ointment and time off from shoes.

Broken corn is recommended to be treated in the same way as water. The open wound should be immediately treated with hydrogen peroxide or other disinfectant, then to grease with ointment. At least twice a day to do the dressings, the shoes have practically give up. But if self-treatment did not lead to a positive result and the wound appeared swelling or redness, do not delay another minute, you should see a doctor.

Dry corn

If you do not deal with the treatment of dropsy, skin burst to cleave to the wound and solidify. Now the constant friction of shoes will not cause a response of the skin. But the layers of the skin will begin to grow on one another, thereby forming a dry scab. Later on this place will be the root (stem). This corn is called rod or ingrown.

Ingrown calluses to treat it much harder and longer. Conventional treatment ointment, without special techniques will not help. Rod corn haveits own characteristics, and hence the treatment should be difficult. Rod corn is the same type of tumor, it grows not only outward, but inward layers of the skin and in the shoes of the patient experiencing severe pain.

Deeper penetrating into the tissue, the root begins to affect the nerve endings located in this area. Unpleasant at first, the sensation will turn into a real torture, and man had nothing to do with beautiful posture and light flying gait. That's why treatment stem calluses need to pay special attention and to be fully prepared.

Treatment of stem calluses

Ingrown corn cure is quite difficult, so the question is how to cure a corn, quite relevant.

Before how to treat calluses, it is understood that one tool can not do here. Pharmacists working at the pharmacy, always prompt what and how to treat blister on foot.

Treatment with drugs

Modern gels, ointments and creams intended for callus, a similar composition. They are based on salicylic acid. For the record: it was first extracted in Italy from willow bark. The most effective this acid in combination with benzoic acid. Their connection is perfect and used all the ointments and creams, when you can indulge in your favorite shoes. By the way, patients will be helpful information — to soften hardened rough calluses, and tender fingers she simply disastrous.

After applying to the keratinized area of the skin of the corn patch, it is possible for some to forget about the problem and not think: what would have to spread the damaged area. All these patches operate on the same principle, is pressed to the corn soaked in the acid layer, quickly softens rough skin. If such a sticker to wear for two days, then corn can be easily removed. Some of the patches not only soften, but also heal the wound.


If medication has not brought the desired results — there is a reason to go to a specialist clinic. Assistants will offer the patient several modern methods of getting rid of calluses exhausted, and to do so will not have on their own.

  1. Grinding. A simple and painless procedure which is performed using grinding machines and various attachments, which helps with blisters on my feet. Dead skin build-up quickly and gently cleaned off, but after a time it may form a re-corn. This is because the root is left inside the skin.
  2. Laser method of removing corns on the feet. Patients often choose it because it has much more benefits than a similar procedure. Very thin beam laser is a very precise and directed. He gently removes the calluses onthe legs, without damaging healthy skin cells.

Relapses after treatment are not observed, and therefore repetition of this procedure does not require. The operation is absolutely painless, and infection is excluded, because one hundred percent disinfection provides a high temperature laser. No blood and a beneficial effect on skin regeneration, it must be done by a doctor or cosmetolog.

  1. Cryotherapy is the effect on calluses on feet liquid nitrogen. This substance instantly freezes some parts of the skin. The effect of the procedure turns out as from a laser, only this process takes a little longer and slightly more painful.

Help from corns on the feet, and folk remedies: infusions, ointments, lotions. You can find a huge amount of really useful and effective recipes. Which one to use will solve the patient. But it is best to try to avoid the appearance of calluses, this is actually quite easy!