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Why scaly skin on the face and what to do

Peeling of the skin on the face is quite an unpleasant problem that occurs in many women and men. The skin of the face is observed much less frequently as the oil glands at men work a little differently.

However at any age you need to be sensitive to any manifestation of skin ailments, which include skin peeling.

Let's consider in this article the causes peeling, and how to get rid of this unpleasant disease

Note before you come to the reasons for the peeling that often this disease is common in people with dry skin type.

In addition, it can be noted that there are hereditary factors when dry skin is hereditary, and the problem with age will only get worse and flaking will appear not only on the face but throughout the body.

Causes of skin peeling

The main cause of peeling skin on the face is weather conditions. In the first place to the factors affecting skin condition at any age, consider climatic moments:

  • The wind
  • Frost,
  • The sun
  • Enough dry air in premises, especially for the winter time.

Some more rare but nevertheless found reasons for skin peeling are the most simple moments of trauma to the skin. These include a variety of scratches and cuts, skin lesions.

Another cause of peeling on the face may be a simple allergic reaction, in this case, the most common Allergy caused by dust, bloom, naturally, certain foods, medication.

Do note that if together with the peeling the patient experiences the feeling of itching and an irresistible desire to scratch the skin, it is a direct referral to a dermatologist, as there may be infection and to treat it is not recommended.

We also note that some pharmacological agents used in the treatment of certain skin diseases, issued a side effects and can cause peeling.

In principle, in this case, the peeling is completely normal process, as the skin gets rid of dead skin particles.

The lack of moisture as the main reason for skin peeling

Indeed, despite all common causes of skin peeling based on this disease are still precisely the lack of moisture or excessive loss. So the first thing to do with peeling skin, is to start the procedure for the hydration of the skin.

The first step is to reduce the influence of factors that lead to the loss of moisture in the skin, such factors may include the soap, which must beto get rid of and replace it with a specific soft, the lotion and lotion, gel or foam cleanser.

If you completely give up soap does not work, you should choose such a means in which a moisturizing cream or oil, well if it is olive oil.

And after washing face, on the skin it is best to apply a moisturizer which will not allow the skin to dry up quickly.

Naturally, if the skin on the face starts to peel must be immediately excluded from cosmetic products, all products, within which there is alcohol or lanolin.

Alcohol skin dry and lanolin can cause an allergic reaction and in this case, the peeling on the skin repeatedly increase.

Also recall that washing with plain water can lead to peeling of the skin, even if you use certain cosmetic products, so you can exclude water from the washing process of the skin and replace it with vegetable oils

For example, very beneficial to the skin affected by sesame oil, which is able to dissolve and remove from the surface of the epidermis many of the pollution and moisturize while the skin.

In addition to combat lack of moisture and dryness of the skin protective cream that is suitable to a particular time of year. Use it should dealing strictly half an hour before going outside.

Again, when choosing cosmetics or sunscreen first need to pay attention to the fact that the cream should contain sufficient amounts of lipid components.

Such components prevent the evaporation of moisture and create a certain protective barrier on the epidermis, and if cosmetics is not at hand, then, at least, allowed the use of a simple vaseline or baby cream.

Traditional treatment peeling

Traditional medicine for the removal of peeling on the face proposes to use the hydrocortisone cream, the content of active substances in the cream must not exceed 0.5 %. A lot about what to do when the problem is written in our material, it is ideal to eliminate the flaking on the skin. In the form of a spray to apply it three or four times a day on problem area. By the way, the burn can be useful material such as butter can be replaced by olive. The resulting mask is applied to face, gently rubbing in circular motions into the skin, the mask is on the face for 10-15 minutes then washed off with warm water.

You can also use to eliminate the ailment with peeling skin homemade scrubs, unlike many cosmetic products, these scrubs do not hurt the skin of the face.

For example, using welding from fine black tea, coffeethick, pieces of Apple, cucumber, watermelon and you can wipe the face using circular movement, as in massage.

Another recipe involves the use of a simple white bread previously soak in milk. The slurry obtained from the bread with milk, the facial skin, apply on face as a mask and rinse after 20 minutes in cold water.

Diet for peeling skin

Often the reason for the peeling may be hiding not only in terms of weather, but in the simple lack of vitamins and minerals, especially diet.

First, the peeling may indicate an inadequate intake of b vitamins by the Way. as this problem can occur on many areas of the skin, for example, there is a peeling of the skin on the testicles, is attentive to his diet.

To make up for the lack of vitamin b in the body, the diet must be present in a large number of fresh fish, liver, dairy products, brown bread, green vegetables, fruits, eggs and brown rice.

Besides the fact that you have to change your diet you can also take vitamin-mineral complexes.