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Why cracked skin on the heels of the feet: causes of dryness

Dry skin on the heels, which is covered with painful cracks can be quite common ailment which is found in a large number of patients, regardless of age or gender. Problems cracked skin on heels is not only a matter of aesthetic appearance, at least in the summer about open shoes will be forgotten. But there is a high probability of infection through the resulting cracks on the heel. Additionally, the patient always feels obvious discomfort when walking. Let's look at the following article how you can solve this problem, especially if the Primary cause of cracked heels is shoes that do not correspond to physiological requirements of the patient. For example, here
include some summer shoes, with open heel which leads to constant traumatization of the skin.

Skin with severely dry and cracked heels. In addition this may also include and various items of clothing, such as socks. Especially if they have a large number of synthetics, which does not allow the skin to breathe properly, which leads to dryness and trauma.

  • The second reason lies in the serious dryness of the skin on the heel, to a greater extent this issue is relevant in the summer, when excessive heat does not have time the skin to self-hydrate and maintain moisture balance. The problem is solved simply enough — you need to use a moisturizer that is applied to the skin on the heel.
  • Next may be noted the age factor, because as soon as the person crossing forty years of life, the body starts to experience a lot of negative factors that are relevant including the skin. For example it is possible to observe disturbances of blood circulation, the normal supply of blood to the skin and fabric, and all this leads to the fact that the skin on the heel starts chronically to cover the cracks.
  • Another reason for the appearance of cracks on the heel can be one of various skin diseases, primarily to this factor can be attributed to fungal infection.
  • Additionally, causes can be diseases of internal organs, the problem with the endocrine system, systems of diabetes, vitamin deficiency, gastritis.

    Ways to treat cracked heels

    Of course, before you start the treatment of cracked heels you need to establish the exact cause of this disease. And in order to ascertain what is the cause, will have to undertake some hygiene. The fact is that the provoking factor can be identified after purification of the stratum corneum of the heel, that is, after the elimination of dead skin cells. The procedure can be carried out completely independently, forthis will require the failure to comply with a few simple points:

    • For removing dead skin layer, heel will need to take certain a foot bath, to which is added a little sea salt and a few drops of any essential oil. The skin on the heels will have to steam for at least half an hour.
    • To the Horny layer can easily be removed, it will need to be scratched with a special brush or pumice, and you can also use advanced cosmetics, for example, a foot scrub.
    • After cleansing, the feet will need to wipe with a towel and not allowing them to dry thoroughly, lubricate fat cream for complete absorption.

    In principle, if not impossible to make a foot bath, though there is a special pedicure grater, which you can use to remove the Horny layer on heel and without steaming feet. It is important to emphasize that the true cause of the crackling skin on the heels needs to be determined by the dermatologist. Because if it's a fungal disease, improper care for heels causes athlete's foot spread to other parts of the feet, and can capture toes and nails. If we are talking about the cause of the crackling on the heels as vitamin deficiency, the treatment is fairly simple. Just need to revise your diet to include vitamins a and b, and the easiest way to start taking vitamin complexes and drugs. Vitamin a are always there in a large quantity in carrots, so in principle, this product can be taken in any form, raw, boiled, grated, fats, for example, with sour cream, cheese, milk, mayonnaise, salad. It's not just because there is, for example, Below are a few basic recipes that are perfect to help eliminate cracked heels:

    • Excellent job with cracked heels compresses that should be applied directly to the skin that is cracked. Here you can use a mixture of grated Apple, onion.
    • The following recipe involves the use of a bath of unsalted broth of treated potatoes. This foot bath perfectly cleanses the skin of the heels and also reduces inflammation and helps to heal open sores from cracking.
    • There are interesting recipes with the use of citrus. For example, can be applied overnight to the affected heel lemon zest or orange, you can RUB the white pulp of citrus damaged skin on the heel. There is quite a rapid effect in the healing of damaged skin.
    • A great solution may be the use of sea buckthorn oil or rose hips. These ingredients have a firming action, and they can be used in the form impregnatedcloth that wrapped the damaged heel and left for the night.


    Prevention of care for heels always provides some basic nuances. First, it is necessary to adequately treat footwear, and not to take it for a minor criterion. You first need to pick shoes fully convenient, it should not be too narrow or too loose, in addition, it is important that the shoes were made of natural material. You can still be reminded of how important proper if the cause of the crackling heels in athlete's foot. Secondly, you will have to pay attention to diet. Food should be if not a diet, it just balanced and enriched to the maximum of all the necessary elements, minerals and vitamins. And the most important thing in preventing cracks on the heel is a daily adequate skin care feet. Simply every evening to devote ten to fifteen minutes, moisten it with a special cream and about the problem of crackling skin can be forgotten forever.