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Blew the back: what to treat and what to do

As soon as sudden changes in temperature, some parts of our body can sharply enough to begin to respond to weather changes. As a rule, most often suffer back and often back pain is the result of the drop in temperature.

Very often the problem of back pain occurs in the summer when in the street unbelievable heat, and can dramatically be in the room where cool enough, while the back of the slightest change of the background temperature below came the pain. In people, this pain is often associated with a small draft.

So how back pain occurs spontaneously and it is impossible to prepare, let's talk about what to do when this problem occurs, and how to quickly eliminate back pain.


To understand what we're dealing with, you need to understand how back pain manifests itself, that is to know exactly all the symptoms

The first sign that we are dealing with a draft, which blew the back is a pain.

The pain may be pulling, dull, annoying, stupid, begins to ache, as in catarrhal disease.

At every sudden movement, for example, it can be tilt or rotate, back pain becomes very sharp, as if piercing the muscles.

The man who thus suffers, is forced to accept a certain position of the body, he walks carefully, cautiously turns around and almost trying not to bend over. Most interesting is that this interferes with the respiratory function of the patient from the pain he cannot inhale and exhale air, trying to stay very careful and breathe slowly. This is not to avoid coughing, laughing, hiccups, sneezing, each of these actions can intensify the pain dramatically.

How to give first aid

Back pain can be quite unbearable, so you need to know what to do with first aid, and how to alleviate the suffering of the patient, who began to have back pain after she was under draft.

The first two basic rules of first aid is:

  • Heat
  • Peace.

Immediately after he twisted his back, the patient must be laid so that it was comfortable, not in pain and he was practically at a standstill, in this case you want the complete peace.

Then you definitely need to spread the pain on the back, usually the lower back, any warming ointment, fortunately today in pharmacies there are enough of them, for example, ointments can be as follows:

  • Finalgon,
  • Capsicum,
  • Nikofleks,
  • We,
  • Analges,
  • Delphic,
  • Slant.

Before you apply the ointment to the waist or a large part of the back, you need to check the patient's Allergy to the main ingredient of the drug. Forthis you can simply apply a small amount of ointment on a small area of skin if will not happen an allergic reaction, you can safely continue to apply the drug to the area of the back, in which there are severe pain.

After warming ointment applied to the area at the back, the sore spot is recommended to wrap a warm cloth, and always from natural fibers. It can be wool scarf, hat scarf or belt of wool.

Along with the warming ointment and quiet, patient, it is necessary to take pain medication. Usually, this can be any pain relievers that are present in nearly any home medicine Cabinet.

It can be or analginum baralgin, but for full treatment in the future, it is necessary to take non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, which reduce inflammation of nerves in damaged areas of the back.

A draft often leads to the fact that a few nerve becomes inflamed and is sandwiched between the muscles, which leads to very strong pain syndrome and the use of simple painkillers just relieves the initial pain, but has no effect on the inflamed nerve.

You can still clarify that in addition to the fact that pain medications are taken orally, in pill form, at the beginning of a very severe pain syndrome or chronic exacerbation will have to take non-steroidal drugs in the injections.

Note that the rest of the patient with a sore back, it's not just a few hours in bed is a complete bed rest for two-three days! The only way to fully and correctly go through the process of recovery, and rest for several days considerably increases the efficiency of the treatment, we can say that it is one of the highlights of a comprehensive approach to eliminating back pain.


If measures of first aid are unable to completely eliminate back pain, you have to go to the doctors. In this case, the patient is prescribed certain ointments for external use, analgesic non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, all of which will be prescribed after an accurate diagnosis, a doctor may prescribe a course of physiotherapy and, in certain circumstances, the patient undergoes several sessions of a massage.

Most importantly, an accurate diagnosis, because sometimes back pain can be related to the fact that is formed in order that the skin was not burned and the patient received a thermal burn, a hot bag wrapped in several layers of tissue. As soon as the temperature of the sea salt in the bag will fall, you can gradually remove one layer of tissue after another, the main thing is to saltcompress continued to warm up the back muscles.

The main advantage of this popular recipe that saline compress of sea salt that is able to warm up the deep back muscles, additionally, it increases blood flow to the site of inflammation. After salt compressor cools the site of inflammation on the back can not much massaging

Cabbage leaf

Even more simple but not less effective method of treating back pain can be when using the simple cabbage leaf.

There are several recipes for its use. In the first case, you can just apply the fresh cabbage leaf to the sore spot on the back, pin, and leave on all night.

In the second case, can be prepared from cabbage leaf with mustard, horseradish and honey mixture, which can smear the affected area on the back every night, then wrap it with woolen scarf and left for the night.

In the third embodiment in the fresh cabbage leaf to spread the mixture that we described above and also leave it on all night, wrapped in warm woolen scarf.

Capsicum plasters

Capsicum plasters can be just the perfect tool which is also able to warm and improve blood circulation back.

In addition, as part of today's pepper patch are and analgesic substances, therefore, when applying such a patch to the skin of the back, the patient will feel a strong burning sensation, but only a pleasant warmth.

Note also that the patches have a special perforation which allows the patient's skin to shrink, thus, glued the patch will not cause a person any discomfort, but it will warm and strengthen the blood circulation of the damaged area of the back.


After you have eliminated the first severe back pain, you can continue treatment with massage.

Massage is capable of not easy to treat the back, but also to restore the health of inflamed muscle, which was damaged in the draft.

The only contraindications for massage may be a severe skin rash or severe pain, which for some reason is not resolved with first aid.